Thinniest Box Springs You Can Buy

low profile box springs

The box spring is an important component of many bed setups. It is one of the items that should be bought along with a mattress. However, its importance is often overlooked and sidelined as an irrelevant accessory. If you do not know, box springs have significant roles in mitigating wear and tear of your mattress, incidences of sagging, among other important mattress related issues. While finding a box spring doesn’t seem as important as finding the right mattress, it is an important aspect of your sleep that deserves as much attention as a good mattress. Because of the impact of the box spring on your sleep experience, we made a top 5 list of our favorite low profile box springs.

Why you need a bed foundation

There are different types of bed foundations, and box springs are considered to be part of these bed foundations. As I mentioned, they have significant influence on durability and genera feel of your mattress. With a proper foundation, you may increase the duration in which you will use your mattress, prevent mold and sagging and overall, improve your entire sleeping experience. With no or the wring type of foundation, you subject your mattress to potentially negative impact with accompanying discomfort when you sleep on it.

Top 5 Best Thin Box Springs on The Market Today

4 Inch Low Profile Zinus “Edgar” Flat Box Spring Wood / Mattress Foundation, King

This is a strong and sturdy support that comes in a perfect four inches, ideal for higher profile mattresses. It is available for a variety of sizes including twin, full, queen and king. The support takes very little time to assemble and is not too heavy to move around. With a foam padded tape incorporated into the steel frame, you are assured a noise free experience. The construction material is eco friendly and the wood box spring itself is a sturdy high quality built. The frame wood is clean, smooth and flawless for some visual appeal.


  • Easy for even a young adult to carry and assemble
  • Instructions are fun and well, instructional


  • There are issues with some parts breaking if ‘over exerted’

7.5 Inch Thin Box Spring Zinus “Daniel”, King

With a steel frame structure and wood slat support combination, this model assures prolonged mattress life with no sagging. It works great with all sorts if mattresses including foam and spring mattress types. The box spring requires a simple bed frame and goes well with the queen sized bed. The model combines the look and functionality of the old timey box springs but incorporates the durability of steel into its general design. Assembly takes minutes and can be done by basically anyone. Apart from the ease of assembly, this model is a considerably high quality box spring.


  • Strong steel structure
  • Easy to assemble model


  • The support element is lacking as sagging kicks in early

9 Inch “Zinus” Armita Low Box Spring, Queen

Available in all bed sizes, this model is a convenient box spring that many users may rely on. The strong and sturdy structure, made of steel makes it ideal for any bed. The purchase includes all tools necessary for simple and quick assembly. It can be used with different types of mattresses without wavering in its quality. The frame itself is easy to move around in both assembled and disassembled states. You will notice an instant change in comfort and support after installing this box spring. This foundation is an innovative design that incorporates elements such as strength, support, functionality and mobility for an all rounded end product.


  • Strong support capacity for a good night’s sleep
  • It is portable


  • There are some complaints about some squeaking

4-Inch Thin Box-Spring Replacement Instant Foundation, Classic Brands, Queen

This is a strong foundation that is durable and noise free. The box spring maximizes on support for minimal sagging and therefore increases the longevity of your mattress. You can use it with many types of mattresses including foam and latex beds, which are considerably heavy options. The design is a handcrafted solid spruce that comes delivered in a compact package. It includes easy to follow instructions and most of the tools you will need for assembly, making the task quite simple. The 4 inch makes it shorter than a standard foundation and makes it convenient for use by anyone who may have difficulty reaching higher beds.


  • Environmentally friendly packaging and shipping
  • Easy to use for people with difficulty reaching higher spaces


  • Might have some squeaks; consider using glue in your assembly to prevent them

5-Inch Amazon Basics Mattress Foundation

This 5 inch box spring adapts the look and functionality of a traditional model. However, it is made with steel for increased durability. Because of its sturdy nature, it can support a variety of mattresses from foam to hybrid types. The design provides for slants that increase its sturdiness and makes the frame quite supportive. With removable covers, you can secure both the top and the bottom for full coverage of the frame. The model itself is easy to assemble and comes in a foldable smart package that you can maneuver around. It measures 5 inches deep and is made in different bed sizes to suit what you have.


  • Comes with two piece fabric included
  • Goes well with heavy mattress options


  • Cover zipper may be difficult to pull around the corners

Buyers Guide: What You Need To Know Before Buying Thin Box Springs

Who needs a box spring?

As I mentioned, a box spring may be interchanged with a foundation to perform the following basic tasks: support and stability, create a firm flat resting surface and keeping the mattress of the flow. They are basically the same thing. This handy addition is a much needed base for many mattresses, new or otherwise. Anyone with a bed frame and mattress that wants extra support and reinforcement may get a fitting box spring. Each separate type of box spring comes with its merits and demerits. Your choice should be based on your needs and preferences.

How to choose a box spring

Before you rush and buy the first box spring you come across, there are a number of things you must consider. These factors are important because they will influence how well the box springs will perform and influence your sleeping conditions. Here are the factors to consider when choosing a box spring.

Get your dimensions right

This is obviously the first thing you must think about before you purchase a box spring. The dimensions of your bed and mattress dictate the size of box spring you get. If you get these measurements wrong then the purchase will be virtually useless. Before you even start shopping, take down your dimensions and figure out in what category they lie. This will not only make shopping categorically easier but also save you the embarrassment of buying a box spring that does not fit.

Bed tip: beds come in the following sizes: twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King.

Low, high or standard

Box springs come in high profile, low profile and standard versions. You may choose whichever profile you want depending on how high you want your bed to be. Lower profiles are great especially for people who have difficulty climbing on to higher beds. High profile box springs follow a more traditional design and result in a high placed mattress. While low profile box springs make the room seem less crowded and are easily accessible, high profile box springs best fits most standard dust ruffles.

So do low box springs have an advantage over high profile box springs?

Both these profiles have their own advantages and disadvantages. The lower box springs apart from making the room seem less crowded, have the capacity to even out tall commercial mattresses and make everything look proportional. Additionally, low profile bed springs make your daily bed associated activities like getting on, off or even spreading the bed simpler than it would be for a really high bed. While they both offer support and stability, there are some slight differences in their functionality.

Construction material

Different box springs are made with varying types of materials. Some are made with steel for a long serving, durable option while others are made with word. Both are still functional but their performances will vary depending on a combination of factors including the bed frame, the type of mattress you have, and such issues. When choosing the construction material, make sure to understand how well each will perform with your conditions.

P.S If you like, you could opt for environmentally friendly options that use green materials in the construction of the box spring. They are equally as strong and function just safer for the planet.

Compatibility with your mattress

You cannot just slap on a mattress onto any box spring. Because of the varying weight of modern and contemporary mattresses, you must find the best option to suit your type of mattress. Otherwise, a poor pairing could end in sagging, inadequate support and unsatisfactory performance by the box spring. Different springs accommodate different mattress types in varying ways.

Noise making box springs

Many people do not appreciate squeaking or weird noises coming from their beds. It’s a little weird, plus the neighbors might get the wrong idea. Some box springs are made specifically to be noise free and eliminate chances of experiencing random squeaks. There are other box springs that offer assembly suggestions which may eliminate any potential squeaky sounds.

Packaging and Assembly

Some people prefer packages that come in a compact fashion, especially if they include several parts or must be moved around before installing them. It might not be an extremely important consideration but a well packaged, easy assemble box spring with save you a lot of time and effort. It makes it easy to haul this product to your bedroom and install it without issue.

Final word

While not as important as a mattress, a box spring has its own benefits that make it a good bed accessory to have. There are different types based on a number of factors including the construction materials, the height of the box spring and stuff like that. Before you can choose the best option out there, you must consider several factors including your preferences and requirements. All three profiles: low, standard and high carry their functions, advantages and disadvantages which you should weigh and partially base your selection upon.

People also ask

What is the difference between a low profile and standard box spring?

While a low profile box spring has a height/ depth of up to 5 inches, a standard box spring is about 9 inches high. Anything past that is considered a high profile box spring.

Are low profile box springs good?

Low profile box springs come with several benefits that you may not get with standard or high profile box springs.

What is the best low profile box spring?

Depending on your preferences, you could chose low profile box springs with varying depths, constructive materials and other factors.

Do low profile beds need a box spring?

Every bed needs a box spring. They have a bunch of benefits including absorbing the shock of wear and tear, making your mattress last longer without sagging.

What does low profile box spring mean?

A low profile box spring is one that does not exceed six inches in depth. These types of box springs do not raise the mattress as high as standard or high profile box springs and are great for anyone who has difficulty getting up on high beds.