King Sized Metal Bed Frame Reviews – 2019’s Best Models Reviewed

There is no other way to say it that king size metal bed frames are the best. They offer high quality, they are the most durable of them all and they can be used for all applications you have on your mind. The question we have is which ones are the best. To give you the best answer we will take a look at the buyer’s guide and then present you with the most popular models.

Buyer’s Guide For King Metal Bed Frames

Metal frames come in all sizes and made from a different material. But, today we will look only in king size models made from metal. Perhaps this sounds obvious for some of you, but there are still a lot of factors you need to consider.

Type of metal

As you would expect, not all metal frames are made from the same metal. There are three main types. The first is iron. It is reasonably affordable, it comes with a great weight load and it is durable. But, iron isn’t immune to pressure and you can bend it easily. A much better option is steel. It is stronger, more durable and also the best option you can possibly find.

Some models are made from aluminum. This is perfectly fine, just keep in mind that the weight load is lower than steel frames have and it is sensitive metal. Once again, steel models are truly the best.

Weight load

Weight load is determined by the material, the number of legs and the overall construction. Don’t forget that the weight load is a sum of you, the mattress and the accessories you may use. If we know that you are looking for king size frame, we can assume that you will sleep with your spouse or partner. All of this will determine the weight. Models with a weight load of 3000 pounds are considered the best and the most versatile.

Number of legs

Legs of the frame are an essential factor to consider. First of all, more legs make the frame more stable. Then we have the improved weight load which is also much better. Last but not least, more legs make the movement and installation easier. Look for a unit with 9 legs. It won’t flex or bend while you sleep and it will support your weight much better. 6 legs are also an option.

Pads on the legs

King size metal bed frames are generally heavy and you need to protect your floor. This is even more important if you have hardwood floor or laminate. To protect it from damages and scratches you will need pads. They can be made from rubber, silicone or even plastics, which isn’t the best option. Rubber and silicone are the best and they will protect your floor from scratches, damages and etc.

Vibrations and noise

Metal conduct vibrations and they have a negative effect on sleep quality. To make sure your frame is vibration-free, look for aforementioned rubber pads and the coating of the metal. It can be made from foam and it will remove unwanted vibrations and noise perfectly.


Corners can significantly improve the overall appeal of your bed frame. We like rounded corners due to several reasons. First, they look the best and the most elegant of them all. Then we have added safety. Yes, rounded corners are safer for your toes and generally, if you have small children. Because frames are made from steel, being able to get improved safety is an important factor all potential buyers need to consider.


All frames have to be assembled. They are shipped disassembled and you will need to connect all the pieces together. You can see several options and each one is different. For instance, some models require the use of tools and they require the most time to be assembled. Others also require a tool or tools but it is included in the package. A third option is a unit that doesn’t require tools. They are the best for those who don’t have the skills to assemble the unit. Those with the tools included are the next best thing.


The warranty should be as long as possible. We are generally looking at a warranty of 5 years to be the best outcome. The frame will last much longer, but you need this length of time to help you protect your investment from possible defects or issues. Best models have an excellent warranty which is always applicable therefore we can add that the warranty is determined by the price. Later you will see some of the best models that come with the best warranties.


Height is essential if you want storage under the bed. If you are looking for this option, you need a frame with a height of 7 inches at least. A frame of this kind will be extremely practical and you can place all the items you like. However, it isn’t the only option out there. Some models allow you to choose the style or the height of the unit. What this means is that you can get the same frame with a height of 7 or 9 or 12 inches. There are no rules. All you need to remember is that a frame with a height of under 7 inches isn’t very good when it comes to storage space.

Headboard and footboard

In this case scenario, we can see two main possibilities. The first one is to get a frame with the headboard and footboard. They are mostly linked together and a unit will feature both accessories. A second option is a unit which is compatible with the accessories. Units of this kind don’t always include the brackets you will need to connect headboard and footboard so you may have to purchase them additionally.

We refer to the headboard as the accessory simply because it makes a frame look better and more elegant, but doesn’t have an actual benefit.


Unless you are comfortable with assembling the frames and working different repairs around the house, you will need excellent instructions. Look for models that have the simplest and the most usable instructions you can find. At the same time look for online videos where you can find the assembly explained in detail.

Foldable design

Foldable design is a simple type of metal bed frames that is the best for some users. If you are one of them, here is what you should know. The frame has a lower weight load, it is usually smaller and can be placed under a bed or a sofa. This design is used mostly by people who need a guest bed occasionally. When it comes to basics, they are also made from steel and strong so there are no complications of any kind.

Top 6 King Size Metal Bed Frames Reviews

Mellow King 12″ Metal Platform Bed Frame with Heavy Duty Steel Slat Foundation

Mellow King 12″ Metal Platform Bed Frame w/Heavy Duty Steel Slat Foundation is one of those king size metal bed frames you simply must have as soon as you see it. The frame is made from high-quality steel, comes with enhanced stability and doesn’t produce any vibrations or noises. The corners are rounded which makes it safer and looking better.

You can choose the unit in 9 or 12 inches style. We tested both of them and they are great. The assembly is required and you will need a tool, but it is included in the package. The instructions are simple, detailed and excellent.


  • Overall quality
  • 2 available styles
  • Simple assembly
  • Rounded corners


  • Expensive
  • Bolts will have to be tightened over time

Amazon Basics Foldable King Platform Bed Frame

The unit we have here offers a combination of several advantages. First and most importantly, it is foldable and can fit under a bed or a sofa. This makes it ideal for sleepers who want to move it around or use it as a guest bed frame. The frame itself is made of steel and very durable.

The assembly is extremely simple and easy. You won’t need more than 5 minutes and you will be able to assemble it without professional help. Keep in mind that the weight load is 250 pounds, which isn’t much. On the other hand, the frame is lightweight and compact.


  • Foldable design
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Comfortable


  • Weight load
  • Isn’t ideal for kids

NOAH MEGATRON 7 Inch Heavy Duty Metal Bed Frame King

NOAH MEGATRON King Size Metal Bed Frame-7 Inch Heavy Duty Bedframe is precise as you would expect. It is a massive frame designed for heavy-duty purposes so the weight load is 3000 pounds which is the best possible outcome. The unit is made from a special type of strong steel and can withstand literally anything.

We also liked the assembly. It is tool-free and can be completed within 10 minutes. Another advantage is the brackets for headboard. They are included in the package and can be installed at any given moment. There are 9 legs on the frame which makes it extremely stable.


  • Weight load
  • 9 legs for added stability
  • Brackets for headboard included
  • Assembly


  • Heavy
  • Bolts aren’t very strong

Zinus “Van” – 16 Inch King Sized Metal Platform Bed Frame with Steel Slat Support / Mattress Foundation

The tested model is designed and made to meet all the expectations period. The bottom line is that it looks simple, it is practical and a great value for money. The material is steel and you get 9 legs for added stability. There is also foam all over the frame which eliminates any noises.

The frame is available in two versions. You can get it with round or with straight corners. We tested the one with rounded corners and it is just fantastic. The last but not least important is the assembly. You will need 5 minutes to connect all the pieces. The warranty is for 5 years.


  • Rounded corners
  • Assembly
  • Strong and durable
  • Warranty


  • Poor instructions
  • Obsolete design (version with straight corners)

Zinus “Michelle” Compack 9-Leg Support Bed Frame, for Box Spring and Mattress Set

The unit we have here is one of the most affordable bed frames you can find. But, it is made from steel, it looks nice and it comes in all available sizes. The unit has 9 legs, which is as you recall the best possible number.

The weight load is 1200 pounds which is a decent result. After all, it isn’t the biggest nor the most expensive frame out there. The warranty was a surprise for us. It is 5 years, something we expect from the most expensive units. Assembly is a bit complicated due to unorthodox construction of the frame.


  • 9 legs
  • Weight load
  • Warranty
  • Instructions


  • Assembly
  • Complicated user manual

Zinus “Dawn” – 14 Inch SmartBase Mattress Foundation / Platform Bed Frame / Box Spring Replacement, King

The last model on our list is one of the most versatile frames we can find. It eliminates the need for a box spring and it can be used with all mattresses. The frame is made from solid steel and can withstand all sleepers without any issue. We also liked the attention to detail.

In essence, the frame we have here is simple, functional and desirable. It is very comfortable and offers excellent support. Assembly is easy and you get a great value for money. Keep in mind that headboard can be attached, but you will need smart base elements.


  • Simple and durable
  • Practical
  • Value for money
  • Comfortable


  • Customer support
  • One height only


Mellow King 12″ Metal Platform Bed Frame w/Heavy Duty Steel Slat Foundation is one of the best king size metal bed frames money can buy at this very moment. We were impressed with the overall design, the quality, and the elegant appeal thanks to the finish and rounded corners. We have to reward it with 4.7 out of 5 stars, the highest score we can give.