Best Kids Trundle Beds in 2020

beds with trundle for kids
beds with trundle for kids

Several studies have showed that enough sleep is a necessity for kids during their growth. Kids who get sufficient sleep are more attentive, well-behaved, and assertive. Kids who get enough sleep also have better over-all mental and physical health. Insufficient sleep is associated with depression, obesity, high blood pressure and developing life-threating diseases such as diabetes.

Growing up, kids should have comfortable and safe trundle beds for getting enough sleep. Kids’ bedroom are usually a bit smaller, you’ll need a bed that utilizes the available space and still be able to provide the much needed comfort and safety for your kids. Trundle beds are designed to provide bed frames with detached flat below that can be used for either storage or more bed.

Kids can be messy and a bit destructive during their growth. You’ll need to have sturdy items in their rooms to avoid regular destructions that are bound to occur from time to time. Simply put – your kids should have tough items that can last long. Kids love trundle beds because they let them share bed with their siblings or random overnight friends. Read on to see our best trundle beds for kids.

Discovery World Furniture Twin Bookcase Daybed with 3 Drawers and Twin Trundle

Discovery World Furniture’s Full Daybed is designed to provide classic look and immense room for all your kids’ storage needs. With 2 sets of bendable height shelves on the headboard, and 3 drawers in its front, the bed provides sufficient storage spaces and the much needed comfort for your kid.


Discovery’s daybed is available in Merlot wine color and with high standard finishing. This is achieved by a 4-step lacquered varnish with mainly brown tone with a red climax and top-coated with a small shine. The bed is fully pre-assembled, designed to fit 6.5 inch mattress with dimensions of 78.5 x 47 x 49.2 inches.


Discovery World Furniture’s Full Daybed is made of solid pine wood initially designed by using 3D software to ensure full safety measures are followed thoroughly. These materials and standard design makes the bed very strong and can last for decades.


Discovery World Furniture’s Full Daybeds are tested to meet all the requirements of ASTM 1427-07 regulations hence guarantees safety at all times. Both beds can accommodate up to 200 lb. of weight each, with holes that are used as cable organizers for chargers or any other type of wiring that might be needed. The cable organizer helps in mitigating dangers associated with power hazards.

Discovery World Furniture’s Full Daybed is a beautiful and sturdy furniture made out of real wood and guarantees value for your money. The bed brightens up you kids room and safe for use.

DONCO Twin Mission Captains Cappuccino Bookcase Trundle Bed

DONCO Twin Mission Captains Cappuccino Bookcase Trundle Bed is made of real wood with enough space to allow comfortable sleepovers or random guests in your house. This bed is designed to have two sleeping places and three detachable functional drawers to maximize on space saving. The trundle bed is hidden just below the main bed that provides enough space for your guests.


DONCO Twin Mission Captains Cappuccino Bookcase Trundle Bed has a designed width at top of bed- 42 3/4
Width at foot of bed- 41 1/2
Length- 84 3/4
Height at the foot of the bed- 25
Height at the top of the bed-53 Dimensions 84L x 42W x 36H

The bed has Silver Square Knob Hardware Knobs that completes the room design and comes with slat kit making it mattress ready.


DONCO Twin Mission Captains Cappuccino Bookcase Trundle Bed is manufactured from hard pine wood; making it last for quite some time. The manufacturing materials allow this product to last from one generation to another. The Silver Square Knob Hardware Knobs also add more strength to the bed.


Made from real wood, the bed is strong enough to accommodate 180 lb. easily with zero worries of breakage. DONCO Twin Mission Captains Cappuccino Bookcase Trundle Beds Meets or exceeds all ATSM and CPSC set safety measures with attractive cappuccino finishing. Assembling instructions are comprehensive allowing easy assembling of your new furniture.

Discovery World Furniture Twin Bookcase Captains Bed with 3 Drawers and Twin Trundle, Honey

Discovery World Furniture’s twin sized bookcase bed is manufactured from hard wood. The bed is very strong, sturdy, and easy to assemble and comes in beautiful honey color. The honey finishing is attained by a 4-step lacquered finish that mainly uses a graceful fair tendency with a golden highlight. This finishing is easily adaptable to any home because of its smooth adaptability to any given environment.


Discovery World Furniture’s twin sized bookcase bed is designed with 2 flexible height shelves in the headboard, 3 drawers plus a Trundle bed on the side. The bed comes mattress ready because of the wood slat kit and can fit 6.5 inch mattress. Its headboard has 44 inch storage space that can be utilized for toys or any other need. Each drawer has an inside dimension of 15″ D x 18″ W x 4 3/4″ T and with topnotch drawer glides for easy use. Despite the bed not coming with a mattress, Slat kit is provided with the bunk bed hence mattress ready.


This Twin Bookcase Captains lasts for several years because of its wood primary material of manufacture. The furniture come with exclusive assembling instructions with all the necessary joints and bolts. All the necessary parts are clearly labelled and the given instructions are quite straight forward.


Discovery World Furniture’s twin sized bookcase has a net capacity of 250 lb. The product comes with 4 bolts to be used in joining sides and it meets all the set standards of ASTM 1427-07 regulations as per Consumer Product Safety Commission. The use of plantation-grown furniture standard pine makes the bed very sturdy. The manufacturing company, Discovery World Furniture, is known to test and certify all their products before releasing them to the market.

ACME Allentown Twin/Twin Bunk Bed with Storage Drawers and Trundle

ACME Allentown Twin Bunk Bed is ideal for adding sleeping space for your overnight guests or grandchildren. It comes with a stairway for the upper bunk with specious storage drawers for all your storage needs. The bed is multipurpose with stylish and best quality structure. The free moving trundle offers extra bed space without occupying any floor space. The underbed drawers provides additional storage places with ease.


ACME Allentown Twin Bunk Bed comes with the following dimensions:

Bunk Bed: 80L x 43W x 69H in.

Trundle: 75L x 41W x 11H in.

Storage drawer (each): 37L x 41W x 11H.

The bed Measures 98-inch length by 43-inch width by 68-inch height and suitable for 7” mattress with five drawers beneath the stairway.


ACME Allentown Twin Bunk Bed is made from Medium Density Fiberboard making it last long. Pine and engineered wood production guarantees quality product that can last for ages. The Espresso finishing gives the bed a beautiful appearance that blends well with almost all decors. With the trundle, this bed allows comfortable sleep to four kids in a room.


The construction materials are safe and strong enough to allow use by adults. The stairs to the upper bunk are also sturdy and safe for use.ACME Allentown Twin Bunk Bed can withstand massive jumping of kids when playing because of it solid manufacturing structure with extremely easy assembling instructions.

La Salle Twin Captain’s Bed with Trundle and Storage Drawers, White

La Salle Twin Captain’s Trundle Bed is made of a pine wood with wood on wood drawer gliders. The bed has 13 slats on top and 13 slats at the bottom. This furniture is ideal for toddlers’ room to provide comfortable space to sleep at night and a convenient room to lounge during the day. The trundle beneath it comes in handy when you have to provide accommodation to abrupt guests in your house by just pulling out a twin size bed.


La Salle Twin Captain’s Trundle Bed is 45.1 x 40.4 x 6.5 inches in dimensions with a height of 36 inches available in different versions. Trundle can fit a mattress of 8 inches height at most. Drawers: 19.5 in. L x 19 in. D x 4 in. H. Trundle is designed to wheel out and is detachable from the main bed. Drawers slides from wood to wood gliders and provides enough space to store toys and other stuff.


La Salle Twin Captain’s Trundle Bed is a beautiful bed. Steady, strong, elegant, and made from solid wood. The bed is easy to assemble and last for quite some time. It is perfect for guest bedroom because of its ability to maximize space usage and allows more storage places.


The bed has been tested to meet all the parameters of ASTM 1427-07 regulations standards hence assures safety of your kids or guests. The bed can accommodate up to 200 lb. weight. The material used in construction of La Salle Twin Captain’s Trundle Bed makes is strong enough to withstand severe usage.

Discovery World Furniture Charcoal Full Bookcase Bed with 3 Drawers and Trundle

Discovery World Furniture Charcoal Full Bookcase Bed features an attractive cool charcoal grey color with doors on both sides of the bed to enable you access drawers from both sides. You are at liberty to choose the model you want from the two available designs of storage drawers or full trundle. The bed can be used by kids as well as adults because of its huge size and toughness. It comes with metal slats making it not only strong, but also mattress ready. With multipurpose headboard, can be used to as a nightstand, the space available on the same headboard can keep books and small items like remotes making it enormously efficient.


Full Bookcase Bed version provides 3 drawers with a trundle bed beneath the drawers. The charcoal finish has lately become popular because of its ability to blend into several decors. It has a footboard opening that allows you to access your under bed with ease. This bed allows maximum utilization of small spaces in your bedroom and gives adequate storage facilities. Full Bed Measures 60″ W x 83″L x 49.25″H. with the trundle fitting up to 7.5’’ mattress. The headboard is 49.25″ high with the outside measurements of 83″ x 60 ” x 49.25″ high and there is no need of purchasing box spring since you can obtain drawers for both sides.


Discovery World Furniture Charcoal Full Bookcase Bed is made from real solid pine wood making it long lasting and gives value for your money. Having it constructed from real wood and not participle board guarantees an all age’s bed that your kids will use throughout their life to adulthood. The bed is very sturdy and can accommodate more than one adult.


The Charcoal Full Bookcase Bed has metal slats that gives it additional power to allow your kids to have peaceful night sleep. All Discovery World Furniture products are set to meet the principles of ASTM 1427-07 regulations set by Consumer Product Safety Commission. The use of solid wood also guarantees a safe product that can be used without doubts. The bed comes with detailed explanation on how to assemble and it is mattress ready.

Last Words

Resting is essential part of human life, sleep is a necessity to help us unwind hence the need for a comfortable and safe trundle bed.

When it comes to kids, they almost always go through a busy day, be it in school or playing with friends. Several activities like sports actions can be exhausting, therefore, resting is so crucial. Sleep gives you rest and prepares you for tomorrow. So having a comfortable bed is paramount.

One should consider a number of factors when choosing the right trundle bed for their kids – design, durability and safety are just to name a few. This article will help you make an informed decision and choose what is best for you kids.