Discovering The Best Possible Futon Sofa Bed Buyer’s Guide

futon sofa bed
futon sofa bed

A convertiblefuton sofa bed is a genius solution that can be used as a bed or as a couch, within minutes. They can literally transform to accommodate your desires and they are practical, affordable and comfortable. All of the things we like. You may want to know that this piece of furniture originated in Japan but soon reached the United States, due to the aforementioned reasons. Now, we will teach you how to pick the best possible option available on the market.

Buyer’s Guide For The Best Futon Couch Bed

Regardless of why you need a futon sofa bed, you must know something about the factors or features this piece of furniture offers. There is no better way to discover all of those things that by reading the most comprehensive buyer’s guide. Below, you can see all the elements that will help you choose the best product for your home.


As always, the most important factor to consider when looking for new furniture is the size. Usually, the size is around 68x38x14 inches. These sofas are considered to be a perfect combination of comfort and compact size. Of course, if you are planning to sleep on it all the time, you should go for a bigger model. If you want a sitting functionality only, go for a smaller one.


Eventually, you will want to move your futon couch bed and in that case scenario, weight is crucial. Sadly, we can’t tell you which weight is the most ideal or the best, simply because there are so many different alternatives out there. Usually, the weight is around 68 pounds for mid-sized models. The weight depends on the frame, mattress and the overall size.

Mattress thickness

Here you can get any model, with any mattress thickness you want. Keep in mind that the ideal thickness for adults is 6 inches. Anything under that and you won’t have a comfortable futon couch bed. Anything higher and it won’t support your body properly. Choosing the best mattress type depends on individual preferences only and you can get it in all sizes and with all thicknesses. Just keep in mind that we advise you 6 inches thickness due to the best results and the highest level of comfort.

Material of the mattress

Regardless of which model you choose, the mattress will last at least a couple of years, depending on the use. Always check the type of mattress foam. Some of them are made to be as soft as possible, while others are designed to last for decades. They are usually harder and thicker. In other words, you can choose between durability and comfort. We recommend you comfort.


For some of you, upholstery is the main and therefore the first thing you will consider when looking or a new piece of furniture of this type. You can choose between several options, all of which are explained below.

  • Microfiber

It is a bit complicated explaining this material. Basically, people love it because it feels cool when touched and elegant. It isn’t very durable or strong and stains are complicated to remove. On the other hand, it makes units very affordable and looks nice. If the second option isn’t possible for you, then go with this material. Also, if you are on a tight budget, this material is the one to choose.

  • Leather

Leather is a favorite material for most pieces of furniture so this one is no exception. The benefits are obvious. It can be easily cleaned, stains can be removed within seconds and it is going to last for years. Even when it looks very old, you can repair leather and get a fresh new look. The only drawback is the price. Models with this material are significantly expensive than the first type.

  • Faux leather

It is a combination of the first two materials. It is affordable, it is easy to clean and it looks almost like real leather. However, it isn’t as durable as the leather and some of your guests will know it is faux leather. Anyway, it is decent and we should add a popular choice of many homeowners.

Frame and legs

A futon sofa bed is a bit specific when it comes to the frame or shell of furniture. In essence, you have two main components. The first one is the frame. Frame must be made from metal. Yes, there are wooden frames as well, but they are not very durable and they will become flimsy after some time. Metal frames won’t and you can use it every single day and enjoy. Metal frames add weight to the entire piece but they are definitely worthy.

The second components are the legs. You can get them made from plastics, wood or metal also. We recommend you wooden legs. They are very durable and they will look elegant and stylish. Also, they don’t add weight to the entire furniture piece.


Armrests aren’t always included with the futon sleeper sofa. Some models don’t even support them, which is a downside. As you would expect, they must be removable. You need to remove them when using the sofa for sleeping and be able to attach them back when using the futon as a couch. This is the best option. Armrests may add the price to the entire product, but this is a small investment that will look fantastic and help you enjoy more. Make sure that the armrests are comfortable and massive in size.

Cup holders

One of the latest additions to this type of furniture is cup holders. They are located in the middle section and you need to unfold it in order to use cup holders. When watching a movie or TV they do make a massive difference and they will help you enjoy more than ever before. An interesting fact is that there are no downsized of this feature. When they are not in use, the futon couch bed will look flat and regular.


Some models come with pillows, usually two of them, others don’t include them at all. Always choose a model with the pillows. They are made to match the design and color of the sofa and they are very desirable if you want to have a proper rest. They aren’t very expensive to add additionally, and you can even change the color or design, but why spending extra when you don’t have to. Obviously, you can use the pillows for other purposes when needed.

Folding mechanism

It is another, an important factor to consider. A new folding mechanism must be several things. First of all, it must allow you to fold or unfold the sofa all by yourself. Those mechanisms are considered to be the best and the most appealing due to the obvious reasons. A mechanism must be strong enough to withstand daily usages and to make sure the sofa is strong and stable in both setups. Usually, new models have great mechanisms that can last for years and that are very stable.

Foam certification

Almost all models available on the market have foam components. It is important that they are certified, like CertiPUR-US. What this means is that the foam doesn’t contain harmful chemicals such as mercury or ozone depletes and it is safe to use. An interesting fact is that this criteria doesn’t increase the cost of the futon couch and as such, it is a desirable advantage you will need. All new models made in the United States must certify their memory foam which is a nice touch. Just in case, be careful and check with the seller.


A futon couch bed of this kind is far from expensive, yet it isn’t the most affordable thing you will ever purchase. That’s why a warranty is an important thing to consider. In a nutshell, 5 years of warranty is considered to be average. More expensive models, made from leather usually offer even longer warranty, while cheaper models come with a shorter warranty.


Obviously, you will need to choose a suitable color for your futon sleeper sofa. There are so many different options out there and we are unable to tell you which one is the best. It depends solely on you. Most models come in black, white or brown colors and we can see that they are obvious choices. However, some models available on the market now are available in other, rarer color which makes them suitable for homeowners with modern and futuristic homes.

Weigh load

Weight load usually isn’t a problem for this piece of furniture. Even the most basic ones can withstand 400 pounds without an issue. But, you will want to consider your weight when choosing the futon sleeper sofa . As we have mentioned, 6 inches of mattress is sufficient for most users. The only exception is if your weight is above 150 pounds. In that case, you need a thicker mattress.

The final word

We know that right now, from this point you are ready to find the best possible futon sofa bed and you will be happy using it every single day. We guided you through the entire process and we presented you with all the factors you need to consider in order to get the best possible model out there.