Full-Size Trundle Bed Frame

photo: DHP Manila Daybed and Trundle, Full/Twin

Essentially, the actual ‘bed’ part of a trundle bed is exactly the same as a traditional model but there is one key difference – it is built upon rollers so it can slide under another bed with ease. For this reason, it is sometimes called a ‘bed within a bed’ although they can also be found underneath other furniture items.

Within a small room, a trundle bed can be a fantastic choice since it opens the door for guests without having the need for a permanent bed taking up space. Whenever required, the second bed can simply be rolled out and prepared. When finished, the bed can be rolled back in and you wouldn’t even know it was there.

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Initially, the full-size trundle bed was designed as a compromise between space and holding as many people as possible in one room. More recently, they have found a home for pre-teens since the design matches the need for the user as they grow. With full-size trundle beds, they will often have the space for storage too which increases their efficiency once more as you store away sheets or even clothes.

Why Choose a Ful Size Trundle Bed Frame?

Guests – For children in particular, trundle beds can be useful because they will reach an age where having their friends over is important. Aside from this, they work in a guest room or any other small room where extra bedding is necessary. Because it can be stored away, the extra bed doesn’t provide a nuisance and can simply be pulled out when needed. Ultimately, it could be something simple like a family member who has had a little too much to drink over christmas; after pulling out the bed, they have somewhere to stay to prevent them from driving home.

Reliability – So far, we have mentioned the teenage years and these can be somewhat demanding for beds so you need a model that will last. Over the years, trundle beds have built a reputation for reliability and longevity. Used mainly from wood or metal, there are pros and cons to both materials.

When choosing a frame, design and practicality are two main factors to consider. For the wooden options, they will normally have additional storage underneath and the maintenance for the sliders can be low as long as quality wood has been used. For the metal option, they will often be lighter which can be useful if you are renting and will have to move in the future. Furthermore, they offer a modern style for a competitive price.

Storage Space – Finally, storage is often a problem within a home but this doesn’t have to be the case as long as you have efficient furniture that doubles up as storage. With a teen trundle bed, for example, the storage underneath makes use of an area that is often under-utilized. Instead of wasting that area underneath the bed, it now has a rolling drawer to store many items whether it is clothing or sheets for the bed itself. As long as the bed is kept in good condition, the drawer will roll out with ease and the expansive storage area can free up space somewhere else in the home.

Summary – As you can see, trundle beds can be a superb choice for a number of reasons. Since they offer varying designs and functions, you can find one that suits your home and have it for years to come!

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