Corner Chairs: A Comfy Corner of Yours

corner chairs

A corner spot is usually the most neglected part of the house. However, that corner spot is also the perfect, cozy spot for a personal purpose like reading a book or enjoying your coffee on a chilly weather and just diving into your own world.

So, how do you make the corner, comfy and cozy?

Get a corner chair!

What is a Corner Chair?

In general, the Corner chair’s name refers not to its purpose but of its shape. Featuring a rectangular or square seat corner chairs have an upright back on 2 adjacent sides. This means that when seated, one’s legs straddle a corner of its base.

Typically made for perching instead of lounging, corner chairs are quite handy for cocktail parties— styled against a fireplace or a wall flanking a console, then pull them out into a room in order to help seat extra guests. And since they are “corner” chairs, they help save more space by utilizing that unused corner space.

Fun Fact: The design of corner chairs were said to accommodate a man wearing a sword

The Top 8 Best Corner Chairs 2019

Safavieh Mercer Collection Jack Corner Chair

A contemporary version of the loveseat, but far more cozy, the sleek Jack corner chair is the best thing to add a classic feel to that unused corner of your room. Featuring poly-linen blend fabric in 3 different colors (green, antique gold and sky blue) and espresso finish birchwood legs, this corner chair will surely add a perfect accent to your home— from family room and living room to study, library or den.

Simple Living Playmate Corner Chair

Add this corner chair to any room for a cozy extra seating and a fresh accent piece. Equally perfect in the dining room, bedroom, living room, and other spaces, this corner chair by Simply Living is upholstered in your choice of Grey or Blue Fabric and accentuated with a button-tufting on the back.

Featuring solid, walnut finish rubberwood legs, this corner chair offers a contemporary, mid-century vibe. You can also get matching pieces such as table, and loveseat that are sold separately.

Modenzi C-U Corner Chair

A corner chair that goes really well on outdoor patios, the Modenzi C-U corner chairs come in 5 cushion colors— light beige, orange, red, turquoise and dark beige. This 4 inches seating comes with zippers for quick removal and easy washing. Lightweight, this corner chair is super easy to move around or combine together with other chairs for various configurations.

Featuring powder-coated aluminum frames, this chair ensures durability and longevity with 90 days warranty on its framework for a risk-free buying. Furthermore, it is hand-woven from high-quality PE espresso brown resin wicker fiber in order to provide you with the most relaxing and comfortable outdoor lounging experience.

Design Toscano French Salon corner Chair

The timeless elegance and heirloom quality of exclusive furniture from Design Toscano are inherent in every hardwood chairs they have. Trails of exquisite hand-carved acanthuses unite in order to create an alluring backrest for this solid hardwood corner chair.

Unique and elegantly sculptured to perfection, this cornered, slipper-style of Authentic European furniture is upholstered in honey-toned and plush jacquard accented with golden threads for an elegant aura. Such classic, ancient-looking corner chair will look perfect in a luxury bath, at a dressing table or in your living room.

Flash Furniture HERCULES Leather Left Corner Chair

This contemporary leather chair can be used in combination with other pieces or can be standalone. It comes with a smooth back and tufted seat with foam filled cushions for your ultimate comfort.

It has a straight arm design with a left arm facing so you can position this modular chair with other furniture. Available in black and white color, this corner chair can be used in your living room, bedroom or even at an office setting.

Alera QUB Series Corner Chair

This contemporary geometric chai can standalone to create a comfy corner of yours or function and configured in endless possibilities with other furniture pieces. The corner chair from Alera comes with a tufted seat design with a straight back for a comfortable and modern look.

In addition, it features silver steel legs and frames that not only adds style to the chair itself but also added durability and longevity.

Modway Empress Corner Sofa

The empress Corner Sofa from Modway comes with deeply tufted buttons, plush and comfortable cushions and armrests that gives the aura of nobility. It features solid wood legs for durability and comes with plastic guides in order to prevent the chair from scratching your floor.

Fine polyester upholstery gives a durable and elegant look and comes in various colors for you to choose from including beige, azure, grey, and teal.

Crosley Furniture Outdoor Corner Chair

Crosley Furniture made entertaining guests outside more comfortable and enjoyable with the elegantly designed corner chair. This chair features intricately woven wicker that is resistant to all weather over steel frames that are highly durable.

Its cushions are highly resistant to UV rays, so you do not have to worry about its color fading, providing both comfort and style. And you get to choose from 3 colors: grey, sand and tan. Clean lines with sophisticated design offer endless seating configurations and can perfectly go with other furniture pieces for a personalized layout of your outdoor space.

Buying Guide: Choosing The Best Corner Chair ans Small Corner Sofa For Your Needs

Where will you put it?

Corner chairs are highly versatile. You can either add it to your living room for extra seating space or on your bedroom as a comfy lounging corner spot to read your books or watch your favorite movie.

Regardless of where you will place it, you need to ensure that you get a corner chair that complements with its surrounding. Coordinating the style and color between your chair and other existing furniture will make any room look like a decorator chose them for you. Also, stick to a furniture piece that is influenced by a similar time period which can help pull a room together.

Get The Right Size

Before you go on and choose the furniture you want, you will need to measure the room, particularly the spot where you will place your chair. Also, if you intend to put it in the living room with an existing sofa, then you need to measure the height of the chair from the floor as well as the width. Make sure to choose a chair that is close to the same measurements of your existing soda so that it won’t feel too small.

Choose a Material

In terms of material, there are several different options for your chair. And although materials such as wood are also available, for utmost lounging comfort, I suggest that you choose soft fabrics for your chair material.

Natural Fibers

Corner chairs with natural fibers include plant-based linen and cotton, along with wool and silk. The 20th-century addition to natural fibers, Rayon is made from unprocessed wood pulp and comes with a luster and drape that is similar to silk. You are probably familiar with such fabrics as garments and they will have similar properties on a corner chair, however, they are more densely woven.

Wool, linen, and cotton, on the other hand, are the most durable natural fibers, however, they are also highly prone to damage from moisture and sunlight. Keep in mind that although these are called “natural” does not mean that they are not processed and treated with chemicals and synthetic dyes. So, if you want to avoid such harmful substances and chemical, then go for ones labeled “certified organic.”


These are petroleum products which are made by extruding chemicals into fine strands and woven into the fabric. The most common synthetic fabrics for corner chair includes olefin, acrylic, nylon, and polyester.

Such products are usually combined with natural fibers in order to add strength as well as resistance to fading and stains. There are some synthetics which are made to resemble natural fibers. For instance, acrylic is quite similar to wool in appearance and texture.

Usually made of polyester, microfiber fabrics are densely non-woven or woven with a short nap which gives them the look and feel of suede. Popular for its durability, microfiber is also favored by pet owners, since it is highly resistant to stains and claw marks.


Although leather is not a fabric, since it is a processed animal hide, it is still loved and makes a luxury covering for furniture pieces. Top grain, the highest quality leather, uses the entire thickness of the hide which reveals the skin surface.

Suede leathers and split-grains, on the other hand, are thinner since the hide is split in two and show a cut surface instead of skin.

Leathers can be dyed in different colors as well as the more natural-appearing tans and browns. Artificial and composite leathers known as bonded and bi-cast leather are also available.

Pick A Color

Since your corner chair can make or break your interior design, the color you choose should be uniform with the rest of the furniture and décor in the room. The most flexible option is neutral colors since they allow you to change up the color scheme of your room with accents such as art, drapery, rugs, and pillows.

Meanwhile, colored chairs mean sticking to a coordinating scheme throughout the life of your chair. Also, colored chairs can make a much bigger style impact in a room that the neutral versions.

If you want a relaxing and peaceful space to unwind then you might need to choose neutrals or cool colors. If you want to energize and invigorate, then you might want to blend brighter colors and contrasts.

Checking Quality Construction

Before purchasing a corner sofa, you will need to check for its construction first. Here’s how you can check for quality construction.


Most frames are usually made of some kind of engineered wood. However, it is strongly advised that you avoid particleboard or MDF that do not hold nails, glue or staples well over time.

Try looking for frames made of solid wood, engineered hardwood, or furniture-grade plywood. The most durable corner chairs are made from mortise-and-tenon joints that require less glue and staples to hold the frame together.

And when testing out a corner chair, the frame needs to feel solid. Any swaying is a sign that its frame is not that strong.


The suspensions of furniture are what makes it comfortable. Quality corner chairs are usually constructed from sinuous springs or S-shaped springs that are stretched across the skeleton of a wood frame.

Some also come with poly-webbing that are more durable than sinuous springs, depending on its quality. However, the webbing will not give corner chairs as much bounce. High-end sofas are constructed from 8-way hand-tied springs that can do a better job at preventing squeaking and sagging. When testing out a chair, make sure to listen for creaks and squeaks which are a sign of improperly installed springs.


Beyond style cushioning is the most subjective element in picking out a corner chair. Some people want a comfy cushion they can sink into, while some will want a firmer, more structured seating. In general, you will find 4 cushion choices:

  • Goose/duck down: These are filled with either 100% down (plush) or down-blend encasing a foam core with a layer of down-proof ticking. This is probably the most luxurious cushion style. However, it requires frequent fluffing.
  • Poly-wrapped foam: The most commonly available cushion choice, it is made of highly resilient foam wrapped in polyester. You will not need to fluff the cushion and its foam offers good support.
  • Memory Foam: The high density of memory foam ensures durability and comes with form-fitting properties.
  • Innerspring core: Quite similar to the mattress, innerspring cushions has individually pocketed coils that are wrapped in a foam layer, offering more bounce than other cushioning.