Best Adjustable Bed Frames & Reclining Beds

A Buyer’s Guide to Adjustable Bed Frames

adjustable bed base

Since the inception of adjustable beds into the market for home use, it has made a lot of strides over the past decades in terms of popularity. Many technological improvements and massive promotion by the mattress industries have also made these adjustable bed frames a preferred choice over the traditional bed frames.

Nevertheless, with its growing popularity, the market is also flooded with various types of reclining beds made by countless companies. Therefore, to narrow down the confusing options and to make it more personal for you, this buyer’s guide has been thoroughly and thoughtfully prepared.

Adjustable bed frames with the head raised are suitable for many activities on the bed such as reading, working on a laptop, watching television, or just fiddling with the phone for accessing social media accounts like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. Similarly, with the lower bed raised, you can relax your legs and feet after a tiring day at work which can also help in improving blood circulation in the body.

Whatever your preference may be for purchasing an adjustable bed base, be it quality sleep or greater comfort or better health, there is a bed frame that can suit your preference.

The mechanics

Let us first briefly appreciate what an adjustable bed frame does.

If you are familiar with hospital beds, you will know that adjustable bed frames are a common feature in almost all hospitals. The functionality hasn’t changed much when it transitioned to home care. Though, the infusion of technological inputs into the home-based frames certainly makes them more sophisticated than the standard hospital bed frames.

The standard movement in an adjustable bed base includes raising the upper and lower body parts independent of each other at different angles. The frame can perform these functions directly through remote control. Apart from that, you can also find frames that provide massaging functions, charging plugs, built-in heating, battery operated in case of loss of electricity, sleep trackers, height adjustment, neck support, anti-snore preset and silent alarms, amongst others.

Another feature that you can find in selected reclining beds is the split adjustable or dual customisation. In this, both sleepers can independently customize the frame to suit their separate needs if required.

Therefore, depending on your needs, you should wisely research which type of functions and accessories you’d want to have.

The cost factor

As exciting as its functions may be, reclining beds are still relatively pricey. Whether you want a bed frame with simplistic feature and functionality or vice versa, it boils down to your budget.

Also, the compatibility of the mattress should not be forgotten. Not all mattresses can conform to an adjustable base. Therefore, you should also consider balancing out your budget if you’re buying a new mattress along with a bed frame. In this regard, memory foam or latex mattresses are the two mattresses that work best with reclining beds. You can also find deals where both the bed and the mattress are on sale.

Cost comparison, if possible, can also lend you into some good buys as not all shops and sites sell at the same price.

The final point to note when it comes to cost is high price doesn’t necessarily mean a good quality adjustable bed.

Important components to look for while looking for reclining beds

The concerns regarding the specifics of an adjustable bed base are indispensable. Therefore, the crucial features that you need to research and understand play a paramount role in buying the perfect reclining bed.

Not in any specific order, below are the essential features that you should look out for:

  1. Weight limit

The average weight bearing capacity of most bed frames limit out at 300-400 pounds. Therefore, if you need a bed frame that needs to carry more load than that, you can opt for bed frames fitted with an AC motor which are able to handle excess weight better. As an alternative, if you and your partner are around the 300-400 pounds weight limits, consider checking the thickness of the frame. The thicker the frame, the sturdier it will be.

  1. Motors

Since you’ll be spending some considerable amount, make sure to try out all the features by lying on the bed before you purchase. For the engineering aspect, check how quickly the bed responds to the remote control and whether the motion is smooth or jerky. A frame with good engineering should operate smoothly, quietly, and efficiently. This applies equally to an entry-level bed frame to a high-end frame. A smooth and quiet operation indicates the use of high-quality motors in the frame.

  1. Rollers

Rollers are also an important feature to look for and forms part of the engineering aspect. Rollers dictate the support and movement of the frame. Nylon rollers are considered to be the best as they produce less sound and more durability. Whereas, metal or wooden rollers tend to create more sound.

  1. Warranty

Considering the investment you’re making in purchasing an adjustable base you want to be sure that it’s durable and can last you for a long time comfortably. Moreover, since the construction of an adjustable bed base is highly technical involving many electrical parts, make sure to check how long the company has been manufacturing adjustable bed frames. Just like buying insurance, read what a warranty covers and what it excludes. Always go for nonprorated coverage. Any company offering 20 years or more warranty period is a solid indication that it’s a reliable company manufacturing solid bed frames.

  1. Return policy

Though you can try out an adjustable base from the store, you obviously can’t spend the night on it without purchasing. What if you purchase it and after a few days or weeks of use, you aren’t finding it convenient? If you worry about that, make sure to carefully read the return policy of the product you’re choosing. If you’re concerned about a full refund, and the policy doesn’t provide it, you may well start searching for another product.


Whether you desire a reclining bed with the latest tech and gadgets or an entry-level model, the choice is pretty much limitless, and the discretion is on you depending on the budget.

Some of the most popular features in an adjustable bed base are:

  • Upper body tilts to an angle of 70 degrees and above.
  • Lower body tilts to an angle of 47 degrees and above.
  • Massaging feature: The frame is designed to produce the effect of a rippling wave on the surface of the bed. You can adjust the intensity of these waves.
  • Silent wake-up alarms: There are wave-like sensations or gentle vibrations to wake you up without using any music or loud annoying noises.
  • Connectivity: Reclining beds also comes with many options of connectivity such as plug points, USB port, and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Zero gravity features: In the zero gravity features, the legs are in a higher position than the head, thereby creating an S-shaped sleeping position.
  • Lighting: Attachment of lighting systems are made underneath the frame which can control with wireless and remote controls.
  • Accessibility to phone apps: You can also program some adjustable bed frames by using various apps available on your tablet and phone.
  • Memory position: If you have a favourite position to sleep, you can preset this setting into your bed frame and activate it.
  • Preset for anti-snore: With the push of a button, your bed will automatically adjust your head to the desired position and prevent you from snoring.
  • Wall hugger: This is also an excellent feature to have in your adjustable bed as it allows the head of the bed to stay in the same position without moving away from the walls.
  • Split adjustable: For any two people with different sleep position preference, you can always opt for a split adjustable bed base. However, do note that you will require separate mattresses for this type of adjustable bed.
  • Re-adjustable preset: This feature has a timer that will readjust the frame to a levelled surface after the preset time elapse. This feature is suitable for those sleepers who keep adjusting their sleeping position throughout the night.


Nowadays, adjustable bed frames come in a wide range of attractive styles and designs that can suit the decor and setting of your room. So, if you’re a customer who’s particular about design and stuff, you can most certainly find an adjustable bed base that is aesthetically pleasing.

Sleeping position

If you’ve come across any information that says adjustable bed frames are not suitable for certain sleeping positions, you need not trust those. They are called adjustable bed because they can be adjusted to suit any sleeping position. Adjustable beds are not averse to any position neither are they specific to any position.

Health benefits of adjustable bed frames

Adjustable bed frames enhance the sleeping experience, thereby improving many health-related issues. Though we need not go into every health-related aspect, studies do show that adjustable beds provide the following benefits:

  • Alleviating problems like snoring, asthma, and sleep apnea by lifting the head part.
  • Raising the head contributes to minimising heartburn and acid reflux.
  • Helps in easing the dreaded problem of insomnia.
  • Elevating the head to about 6 inches helps in achieving healthier digestion.
  • Reducing pressure by fine-tuning sleep positions enhances blood circulation.
  • By lifting the head and the leg, you can lighten your back pain.
  • Raising the legs also contribute a great deal in easing the swelling of legs.
  • Arthritis and strains are also relieved.
  • Improvement in the absorption of oxygen throughout the body.

Cons of adjustable beds

Not everything about adjustable bed base is a bed of roses. So, if you’re a customer contemplating on purchasing an adjustable bed but still have some doubts, consider this segment to make up your mind.

  • High cost: If you want to purchase an adjustable bed, it is better to go with quality instead of compromising on the budget. This is because the adjustable bed is basically a machine. If you compromise on the electrical, engineering, and technological components of an adjustable bed, chances are you’ll be wasting more than what you spent in repairing. Adjustable beds from reputable companies will carry a higher price tag because of the quality.
  • Weight: Because of the structure of an adjustable bed, they are substantially heavy compared to the traditional beds. They are not like conventional beds wherein you can easily disassemble and shift it to another room. Given the complexity in assembly, the weight of the adjustable bed makes it even more inconvenient to move it from one place to another, let alone consider changing the position of the bed in the room.
  • Lifespan: The fact that the main working components in an adjustable bed are the electrical parts makes it vulnerable to breakdowns and malfunctions. Unfortunately, repairing the frames can also become a costly affair depending on which part you’re fixing. Though adjustable bed frames come with technologically advanced features, the possibility of malfunctions cannot be ruled out.
  • Noise: Though you can find some whisper quiet adjustable beds, most of the motors and hinges tend to produce noise while adjusting the frame position.
  • Mattress compatibility: Besides memory foam and latex mattresses, other mattresses may not be compatible with an adjustable bed base. So, if your existing mattress is not either one of the two, you will have to spend extra to buy a compatible mattress.
  • Assembly: This can also become a time-consuming and frustrating process as most adjustable bed companies do not provide service for assembly or you have to shell out extra bucks for the service.


Finding an adjustable bed frame requires some homework to be done from the customer’s end. Research wherever you can as the investment is significant. Do not forget to compare beds, companies, return policies, and warranties as these are crucial to your purchase. Try out as much as you can, and even test the customer service of various companies to see how efficient they are. Ultimately, it is your money, and you must spend it well.