Twin Trundle Bed Frame

photo: Brown Metal Twin Size Miami Day Bed

When it comes to beds, it is often thought that you can’t put ‘efficiency’ into the same sentence because they are simply an item that need space regardless. However, the rise of the trundle bed has seen to this myth since one bed can be stored directly underneath another until required. When this moment comes, it simply slides out for use and can be stored away once again when finished.

Without needing to have two beds in one room, the trundle bed is the perfect space-saver and provides a solution for when guests stay. In addition to this, they are also popular for children because the second mattress is often thinner and uncomfortable for adults.

Twin-Size Trundle Frame

Most commonly, people tend to go for twin-size trundle beds and they are made so that the bottom bed slides in and out with ease. Nowadays, the designs are so safe that children can complete the task and twins are the most popular because they take the least space. Either on a regular basis or for one night only, the twin beds can sleep two children whilst using the space of one bed through the day.

As this type of bed has risen in popularity of late, there has been a huge increase in the amount of finishes. Nowadays, you will find espresso, white, black, brown, and more which allows for personalization depending on the room in which it will reside. Furthermore, many models offer storage space as an added extra which can be useful for toys, sheets, clothes, blankets, and more.

Since the second bed comes out so close to the floor, it can be a fantastic choice for toddlers as they can climb in and out with ease. When it is rolled out, they are secure on either metal or wooden frames whilst remaining low. If a parent is worried about the safety of their small child on such a bed, normally the model will allow for safety rails just as a regular bed would.

Finally, it is also important to note that many trundle beds also have a ‘pop-up’ feature which means that the second bed can be raised after being rolled out from underneath the first. As long as the mattress is on and the bedding is ready, a light dust cover can be used to keep it in good condition for any guests and the bed can be ready within seconds.

Increase in Space – With trundle beds, there are a number of options in terms of placement and storage. Whilst some can be fitted under bunk beds, others will sit under loft beds as long as the frame allows the room. (think about l shaped bed frame, such a great idea) As your child grows, they will accumulate more toys and then, eventually, school books and more. Therefore, making the best use of space is key within a bedroom and the trundle bed allows the room for CDs, books, clothes, and more. Not only for storage, they will have more room to play an instrument or practice any other hobbies they enjoy.

Guests – Once your child reaches an age where they are at school and build friendships, they will also start asking to have friends over for dinner and this will soon transform into sleepovers. Seeing as though you have a second bed all ready to be used underneath your child’s bed, this isn’t a problem. Depending on the age of your child, you may have to buy a child’s size trundle bed or you could even edge towards an adult-sized trundle bed which will see the transition through the teenage years and into early adulthood perfectly.

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