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Sofa for Corner Buying Guide: 7 Tips in Choosing the Right Sofa

No one would want to lie down on the floor while watching a beautiful series, am I right? The remedy is sofas for a corner!

Home will never be completed without a sofa in a corner. It would be boring and plain. Of course, many will come to visit your place and an accommodating living room is much appreciated if added with sofas. Before buying anything else, make a sofa your priority.

However, picking a corner sofa is not easy because it may end up ruining your home if its look isn’t suitable on your home décor. A sofa is considered as the centerpiece of your sala set. There are many kinds of couches to choose for and we cannot deny the fact of each kind has a different purpose. There are sofas made for small rooms, conversational rooms, and some are made to add elegance to the living room. Looking for the right lounge is hard to do on your own. Knowing that, this post will send you guides to know what could be the best sofa for corner you must buy.

Beforehand, let’s define each kind of corner sofa to know them better. You’ll surely get hints which to buy afterward.

5 Types of Sofa for Corner

The included sofa for corner below are only a few of several types available in the market. They are classified according to their shape or purpose.

  • U-Shaped Sofa

The shape is so obvious. U-shaped sofa is appropriate for a huge space wherein a bunch of visitors will be able to sit in there. It is composed of one central cushion and two side ones ending up with a u-shaped sofa.

U-shaped sofa is a good setting for gatherings as every opinion will be easily heard and comprehend by everyone.

  • L-Shaped Sofa

It is another self-explanatory sofa shaped. An l-shaped sofa is a combination of two to four settees forming a right angle resulting in a larger sofa. It is proper in a small spacer living room and yet can gather all of the family members.

Styling the living room with this corner sofa design is more customized and easy to do. It is done by only buying several sets of a sofa on your own want then place the sofas wherever corner as long as it shapes as letter “L”.

  • Chaise Sofa

Chaise sofa normally goes with l-shaped sofa as an extension. Still, this sofa can stand alone without combining it to other sofas. This type of sofa can be placed anywhere as long as it complements other furniture. It is perfect for limited spaces.

There are two options under the chaise sofa, including left-facing and right-facing. It is designed as a mini bed wherein laying down your feet upon this sofa is all right.

  • Curved Sofa

A sofa is not made for sitting purposes but also an additional elegance in a living room. A curved sofa is not best for small spaces for it’s not placed in corners. It is therefore ideal for huge spaces. It is shaped as a semi-circle which is a perfect curve.

This type is good for a group conversation as no one will ever be left out from the talk.

  • Small Corner Couch

If you want to go solo on a couch, a small corner couch must be your need. This couch is preferably for small spaces. They’re cute anyway. It can also be attached to other sofa types aforementioned to reach its peak of usefulness.

Top 5 Best Corner Couches & Sofas

1. Solaura Sofa Set

It is a 7-piece of a sofa and categorized under u-shaped. It includes four armless chairs, two corner chairs, and one coffee table. This is placed outdoors because of its waterproof seat fiber cushions. It is a beige colored sofa. The frame is made of hand-woven wicker that looks more elegant and perfect for outdoor sceneries. Both the seat and back cushions are padded and so comfortable to sit in.

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2. Pratt L-Shaped Sectional Sofa

Obviously, this sectional corner sofa is under an l-shaped category. It is colored as indigo which can definitely suit every living room décor. The cushion filling used is foam together with Dacron and Trillium materials. A cushion is covered by fabric specifically Crypton that is eco-friendly and stain-resistant. The whole sofa is soft-padded as well as its frame which beneficial for the floor wherein moving it from place to place will not cause scratches.

3. Oslo Curved Sectional Sofa

This curved sofa is styled with hardwood small legs and with a grayish theme. The seat depth and height is 23” and 21”, respectively. It is enough to provide more space for the whole family. The seat and the back support are packed with feather filling that ends up with a super fluffy sofa yet durable. It is covered up with eco-friendly Crypton fabric which is stain and water-resistant.

4. Divano Roma Furniture Sectional Sofa with Reversible Chaise

A small space sectional sofa for corner comes with a chaise sofa. They are usually made to be together as they complement each other. It is modernly styled with its grayish color with added two pillows to complete the package. The sofa together with the chaise is foam-padded covered with a fabric material. It is supported with a hardwood frame. Definitely perfect for small spaces!

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5. Dazone Corner Sectional Sofa

If you’re looking for a small corner couch, Dazone Sofa Chair is the answer. It looks elegant in a charcoal finish. This is to be connected to other sofa set but it can stand alone in the corner to be an individual seat. The framing structure is made of sturdy wood. It is foam-padded and covered with fabric-made upholstery. All in all, this seat is great for some time of relaxation after doing too many tasks.

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7 Tips in Choosing a Corner Sofa

Above details proved that there are lots of corner sofa options and picking the right one is so critical. In the end, it is not only about decorating the living room but getting what will make it look more elegant and fancier. We prepare 7 guidelines for you to end up with the best sofa for a corner. Thus, hope these tips will share a big part upon completing your living room as you desire to.

Let’s get it started!

1. Know the scope of the room

First hand, in buying a sofa to be placed in a certain room of your house, knowing the dimensions is so important. Think about how will that stuff enter your house? There’s no such thing as a mystic then the furniture is in.

Corner sofas are usually assembled when delivered. Make sure it can pass through a standard size door or else you’ll enjoy the couch outside. However, there are sofas which are to be assembled and hence getting the size of a room is necessary. Most especially you’ll be going to have a corner sofa which accounts the angle of your living room’s corner.

2. Know the measure of the sofa itself

It is not possible that you have only a small space at home and you decide to buy a huge sofa for corner. Are you kidding? Your space must be proportionate to the sofa you are planning to purchase.

Measuring a sofa for corner will take the depth and the length of it.

The deepness of a sofa must match your height. It doesn’t mean the depth must be equal to your height but must be appropriate to your comfort. And to easily clean what’s under the sofa, it must leave a space below. The length depends upon the measurement of the room. For huger spaces, longer sets of sofas are appropriate. While on limited spaces, shorter sofas are better.

Also, the back support is present on every corner sofa. This works as an extra comfort whenever you want to lay your back after a tiring day. It is ideal for a sofa to have high back support to protect both the lower and the upper back.

3. Identify the frame materials used

The durability of a sofa depends upon its frame foundation. As usual, we see sofas as soft and cushion-like without knowing it is also made from woods. Before it becomes soft-padded, a frame is constructed on the inside.

Three Common Frame Materials

  • Hardwood: Such as maple, pine, oak, and birch wood. This is the sturdiest frame material ever. Also, the most expensive final product.
  • Metal: It may look sturdy at first but it bends over time. It is also prone to corrosion and therefore easier to wear off.
  • Particle board: The cheapest frame material and the most fragile wood type.

4. Identify the cushion type

Sofas are soft-padded seats. Having the right corner sofa with a comfy cushion is more than winning. Back foam is categorized into pillow back and tight back. The prior is a removable cushion while the latter is sewed. Seat cushion is classified into a low density, high density, and down cushion. They are arranged from less expensive to the most expensive cushion as the latter is the most comfortable one.

A hybrid cushion is now getting popular in the world of sofas. This is a combination of foam and a down cushion that renders a comfier sit for everyone.

What we really need to consider on a cushion is its firmness; nothing more and nothing less.

Cushion Fillings

  • Foam: Foam is the most popular sofa filling up to date. The ending product is undeniably soft and comfortable.
  • Fiber: This filling complements your body shape as it is softer and cozier compared to the prior.
  • Feather: Feather is less likely to be used by sofa manufacturers as cushion filling but it is possible. It is inexpensive but these fillings are rarely seen in the market.

5. Know the upholstery used

Upholstery is commonly known as the fabric covering of a sofa. It therefore completes the outlook of your seat. It is sewed upon the cushion with invisible stitches to make it look more elegant.

Types of upholstery

  • Fabric upholstery: Fabric is known for its softness. Examples are cotton blends, linen blends, nylon, and polyester. This has to be the widest options of materials. Some users do recommend fabric-made upholstery because of the comfort it renders.
  • PVC upholstery: This is fake leather and yet looks like leather. It is made of plastic resin formed as leather-like. Though fake, PVC-covered sofa is more affordable than any other and it is easier to clean. When it comes to durability, it is an excused.
  • Leather upholstery: Leather-made upholstery is pricier than fabric-made. It is a stain-resistant covering and therefore much easier to clean. It also lasts longer.

Three categories of leather upholstery:

  • Aniline leather: The most naturalistic leather type. There are no added pigments and hence safer for overly sensitive skin.
  • Pigmented leather: It is the counterpart of the former wherein pigments are added. However, it becomes more durable.
  • Bonded leather: Inexpensive type of leather. It is a group of scrap leather that is glued together to form as one. It is an environmental-friendly material and not considered as fake leather.

6. Comfort must be expected

A sofa for corner is used for sitting and lying down. After investigating the facts said in numbers 3 to 5, check whether it really renders comfort.

Perhaps, you’re asking how.

Here are some tips to check if you’ll feel at ease on your prospected sofa:

  • Read product’s reviews

If you’re seeking a sofa to complete your sala set on the internet, you better read customer’s review. Reviews will give you so many hints as customers will share what they’ve experienced on that certain sofa. Do not only depend on one review but if possible, try to read the most starred and less starred reviews.

  • Test it yourself

Buying a sofa in furniture stores or in person is an advantage to see the actual condition of the product. If it is allowed to try sitting on the sofa, grab that opportunity. If not allowed, seeing the product in person is enough to have the final say.

If you find the sofa comfortable enough, then the next tip must be done immediately.

7. Choose your preferred sofa

Types of sofas for a corner are mentioned earlier. They differ in dimension, shape, style, and setting. Therefore, in picking up your desired sofa, consider numbers 1 to 5 details.

First, look if it fits to where it will be placed. Those mentioned sofa types above are most suitable for small spaces and so it’s not that difficult to conclude if it fits or not. Aside from u-shaped and curved sofas which are not literally placed in a corner and hence adding extra dimension estimate is suggested.

Second is the shape. The l-shaped sofa is proper for a small space room while u-shaped is not. As well as for chaise sofa, again, it is an extension sofa and therefore an option for you to buy.

There are three sofa styles to choose for, including modern, traditional, and contemporary. Choosing which is which really depends upon the setting whether it’ll compliment or not.


We bet you’re asking right now, what could be the purchase you will make? After reading those buying guides and tips, there are still questions running on your mind. We won’t let to end this post without giving you the answers. So, here are 5 questions that are probably asked by sofa owners today and they never regret it. Keep on reading!

  • What sofa design is getting on trend as of today?

Sofa design has three styles such as modern, traditional, and classic. The design fully depends upon your living room look whether it will complement or not. Basically, lighting is the primary reference to know what design is more appropriate. All of the three styles are still popular in every home. More than that, classic design stands out among the three as generations become more young at heart. Neutral colors are an example of a classic style.

  • Are sofas only made for humans?

This question is usually asked by those having their pets inside the house. Pets are so clingy that they loved to jump off the sofa. Pets, as well as playful children, are absolutely allowed in a sofa. Therefore, choose for a sofa with high-density foam and durable fabric to prevent from wearing off.

  • Can a sofa really support my back?

Sofas are mostly soft-padded both the seat and the back support. It will surely support your back and feel at ease. Well, actually it is not only your back which is supported but your whole being when you lay down into it. The real thing is there are models that also provide feet support to render full relief.

  • How do I clean a sofa?

The most popular cleaning tool used in cleaning a sofa is through a vacuum. However, a vacuum is so expensive and yet an alternative way to clean your sofa is to remove the covering and wash it by hand. You can place the foam under the sun for it helps to remove the dirt on it.

  • Which type of sofa is highly recommended?

Each type has different levels of advantages. By honestly answering this question, we do not want to nullify the other’s goodness. We pick the u-shaped sofa as it encourages group conversation to happen without difficulty. It also looks good in a living room having this design. However, it is only appropriate for huge spaces and if you have one, then we recommend a u-shaped sofa.

To be fair with the others, below are their advantages and also their downfalls:

L-shaped sofa: This is favorable for small living rooms. It is easier to set up than the u-shaped and lesser set of sofas are needed. The downfall is, some person in the group will be left out from the conversation.

Chaise sofa: It can be attached to all types of a sofa. The good thing is, even though not attach to the other sets of a sofa, it can still work as a single sofa with wide space. It also supports from head to toe which is nice. The downfall is, it looks like a mini bed when it is alone and therefore awkward to place in the living room.

Curved sofa: Though it is comparable to the u-shaped sofa, it still has far distance from the other people in the group. It looks stylish but not for small rooms.

Small corner couch: It perfectly fits on a small cornered room. It can be attached with other sofa sets to look bulkier. It is only small in size and not highly recommended if it will be used alone.


Indeed, a lounger is greatly necessary to complete the look of a living room. All houses even huge and small in size have added a sofa on their sala set. It is really a piece of must-have furniture at home.

We have mentioned above some types of sofa, including u-shaped sofa, l-shaped sofa, curve-shaped sofa, chaise sofa, and the small corner couch. They have their own highlights and uniqueness that’s why all of them are considered to be the best types of a sofa in the market. Buying a sofa is very crucial without the knowledge about its special features and the structure itself. That’s why those 7 tips mentioned above are willing to make a way for you to find the best sofa for a corner.

We have also reviewed 5 sofa sets, one for each type. In there, most tips are considered to let you know it must be the right product you are looking for. We clearly saw that every detail that must be considered is all considered in each review. There are many sofa sets still available online and in furniture and fixture store. You are free to choose your preferred sofa just remember what you have read on the preceding parts of this post.

Finishing the post with a reminder that your sala set has missing furniture – a sofa. We are rooting for you to get one and share your experiences below to encourage other homeowners to have one too.