Best Round Beds For Sale – Complete Guide

A Buyer’s Guide To Round Bed

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The bedroom is one of the most comfortable places in a house, where you can sitpeacefully, after a hard day’s work. The bed is the mainstay of any bedroom Most of you have seen rectangle or square shaped beds but didn’t know about round shaped beds. That is because the round shaped bed is not a very common or popular choice. Round beds are very commonly seen in mythological dramas or movies. These beds have a majestic look and impart its royal beauty to the whole room. The functionality and practicality of a circular bed have not been known yet. Though these are beautiful to look at, the round bed is not a space-saving design, and the linen, which fit the bed would be very difficult to get.

Even though round beds are some of the most stylish beds, you have to consider many things before buying one. Since they eat up a lot of space it will be difficult for you to adjust anymore piece of furniture if you have a smaller room. However, they are a great way to modernize your home.

  • Good night sleep is a must

A bedroom is for getting comfortable, whatever shape your bed maybe it should provide you with comfortable sleep, which can get rid of any tiredness you might have added up in the day. According to researchers, it has been found that if you sleep uncomfortably, it could lead to deterioration of your health. Therefore, while buying a bed you should make sure that it is comfortable.

  • The mattress

It is a known fact that beds won’t last forever, nevertheless, you need to take care of the mattress. If the mattress shows signs of wear and tear, it should be changed. It is a wise decision to change your mattress after every 7 years, so that you don’t wake up with pain and stiffness. Now getting a mattress for round bed can be difficult, it has to be custom made because round mattresses are not easily available.

What are the things you should consider while you buy a circle bed?

  • The size and structure:

Almost all the sizes are available in round beds starting from queen and king. In regards to circular bed, a Queen bed is 84 inches round while a King bed is 96 inches round. The mattresses are commonly made of cool gel memory foam, high-density foam or pocket coil. The selection of bed size depends up the area where you have to place the bed. Usually in the normal shape bed, we need to look at the area and the bed size. However, with round bed, we need to be more careful to fit the bed in your area. The circle bed has different semi circle shape, so it may be possible that it does not go well with all angles in the area. You need to think which place in your area will suit the bed.

  • Upholstery: The material used for upholstery of circle bed can be a fabric, polyurethane stuffing or faux leather. These beds like any standard bed come with a removable covering. Some beds come in neutrally toned covering to give it a royal feel while others come in dark colours. As these require round coverings, the bed dealers usually provide the round coverings. When you are planning to purchase round bed enquire whether the dealers provide covering. If it is not provided, know the measurement of the bed and order it separately from any other dealers.
  • Headboard: Headboards do not just add to the elegance of the bed, it is also required to provide stability for the bed. Headboards come in various designs and styles. These give back support when you sit on the bed and lean on to it. If you do not like elaborately designed headboards, you can go for simple and plain designs. Remember, headboards are essential but also are expensive. Go for a design that is budget friendly.
  • Space availability: Before buying a circular bed measure the space available in the room for a bed. Round beds do not sit in any corner and causes wastage of useful spaces, therefore, make sure there is ample space in the room. If you are building a new house and plan to buy a circle bed, make a curved extension on one side of the wall so that this bed can fit perfectly and there is no space wastage.
  • Is it wise to buyonline?

The product seen online will vary from what you get. So do not have high expectations for online products. If you are buying a round bed online you have to check about the delivery prices and return policy. You have to ensure that the website is secure before you enter your details. You should be able to return the product in case you are not satisfied with the product description. The fabric of the mattress should be thermal regulated and dry off perspiration.

  • The design

The design of the circle bed should suit your room, for creating a restful retreat the decor of your bedroom is very essential. You have to keep in mind the style, size and other elements while selecting the perfect round bed for your bedroom.

Different circularbed ideas

As mentioned earlier, round beds are not easily available. These are custom made according to the needs of the customers. Therefore, wide varieties of designs are not popular. Having said that, several circular bed ideas are available today to decorate your room smartly.

Round bed with alcove design

In this, the room is designed in such a way to perfectly fit a round bed in one side of the room. The wall on one side is arched to accommodate a portion of the circular bed, preferably the head side of the bed. This is a smart design that ensures the proper utilization of room space.

The rectangular mattress on the circle bed

This is a smart modification of a circular bed. Who said only round mattress can match the round bed? Not necessarily. You can place a rectangular mattress on it and bring in a contemporary look.

Royal style circular bed

All of us distinctly remember the royal bed we have seen in movies portraying stories of kings and queens. You can get such a bed if you love to give a royal makeover to your room. It can be a little pricey as this needs a magnificent headboard and canopy. These round beds breath luxury into your room.

Corner circular beds

As the name suggests, these are not the beds with a pointy corner on one side to fit the space of the room corner. These are circular beds, which have been smartly placed to avoid space wastage by placing large pillows on the gap formed.

Bean bag design round bed

Beanbags are common in the household today. These are relatively comfortable to sit. Adopting that idea, you can design roundbeds that looks like a large beanbag.

Transforming bed

This is one design that everyone who has a small living space or wishes to create ample living space should consider having. In this design, the bed can be used as a couch too. The design comes as a couch, which on unfolding the seats will for a round bed. A Brilliant idea to save space and you get multipurpose furniture.

Fairytale princess bed

Girls will love this design. This bed has a vintage look with elaborately designed canopy with a circular bed in it. The canopy can be covered with flowing translucent net or sheet to get that princess vibe.

Floating round bed

Taking modern designs a notch higher is the suspended floating circle bed. In this design, you cannot see the legs of the bed as this is suspended from the side wall.

Circle bed with backrest

This type of bed design looks like a sectional sofa arranged to form a round bed. The curved back of the sofas acts as the backrest of the bed.

Circular bed with storage facility

Nowadays beds come with storage bunkers below it to utilize the otherwise wasted space. Even circle beds can be designed to have storage space underneath. This space is enough to store pillows, bed coverings and other things.

Circular beds with raised edges

We have seen round beds with backrest. You can also make round beds with raised edges on all side. This will look like a simpler version of a cradle. The edges are not present on lower corners of the bed so that people can get in and out of the bed easily through this area.

Round bed with curved ottoman

Sounds Royal, isn’t it? This is a trending contemporary design popular today. The round bed with an upholstered backrest can be extended by placing a curved ottoman at the bottom end of the bed. This can be used for several other purposes and adds to the elegance of the circular bed.

Transforming L-shaped sofa-round bed

This is the world of creativity and intelligent designs. This design of the circle bed can be used as two semicircle sofas during daytime and can be pulled together to form a round bed in the night. This brilliant design is space saving and multifunctional.

Some drawbacks of the round bed

  • Disbalance in the room

A round bed requires a lot of space. When you buy a circular bed in your room should have enough space to accommodate the bed and add extra furniture. You should have enough space to move around the room that is the bed should not cover the 99% of the floor.

  • Linen and mattress

People usually get square or rectangle shaped beds as they are sleek and in Trend. The traditional beds are available in a wide range of materials and Decor. There are different varieties of mattresses that will be available for a square bed, but the same may not be available for a circle bed. The same goes for linen as it is very difficult to get bed covers for a circular bed. In such cases, you will have to custom make the designs. Sound waves are definitely not the best one for small spaces.

  • Clawfoot

Some of the round beds come with tiny claw-shaped foot. These are not capable of holding the weight of the bed and can result in the breakage of the feet frame. These round beds are also low beds which either has space between it and the floor or it touches the floor. Such beds are very difficult to be moved and placed in different areas.

  • Bottom Line

Circular beds have been a symbol of sophistication, elegance, opulence and exotic for ages. These beds have always been associated with movie stars, royalty and music icons that which made common man feel the round beds are not meant for them. Therefore, it is seen in luxury hotels and resorts rather than in homes. Circle beds are difficult to find because of these reasons and need to be custom made which justifies the expensive tags it carries. Though these look majestic, round beds are not ideal for every house.

Every product comes with its own pros and cons, hence, you can come to a conclusion only after conducting extensive research. If you want to modernize your home and have enough space in your bedroom, and want to have something classy you can definitely go for Round beds. But if your bedroom lacks space, going for a circular bed is a huge no-no. These take up a lot of space which can result in a cluttered look of the room. The elegance of round beds can only be enjoyed on placing in large rooms which have enough space to make it stand out.

Top Five Round Beds You Surely Love

Are you planning to buy a new bed this year? If you do, then what type of bed will you choose? The first thing that might come to your mind is to buy a king sized bed which is the most common type that people utilize today. However, if you would go a little bit fancier, will you choose a round bed? Because here, we are about to show you some of the best round beds that will definitely make you want to sleep early from now on. Take a look because you might need this list.

The Top 5 Round Beds On Our List

GREATIME Modern Round Bed

If you want to add a modern touch to your room, Greatime modern round bed is the solution you can have. It is made with smooth and high-quality vinyl. As well as a firm underlying foam padding that provides effective support. Your guests will definitely love this one of a kind bedroom setting.

Like so, it is ideal for standard queen size mattress and the best thing about it is that it doesn’t need a foundation or a box spring. Besides, it has a solid and long-lasting wooden frame that is covered with high-grade leatherette that delivers a luxurious and neat accent in your bedroom.

With this round bed, you will get to enjoy the comfort and durability as well as beauty of sleeping in a decorative bed. You will definitely have a great time, just as what its name suggests.

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Matisse Oslo-X Round Bed

Another modern round bed popular today is this magnificent Matisse Oslo-X Round Bed that comes with 2 optional vertical LED lights. It is a well crafted that shows on its unique curves and it delivers a contemporary look on your bedroom.

This round bed is made composed of a solid wooden structure. It also has a soft and sleek upholstery which is made with Synthetic leather that provides a new age kind of aesthetics. Like so, its mattress is reinforced by slats that are basically made of metal frame and wooden ribs.

Matisse Oslo-X actually requires a US standard queen or king size mattress because this is not included in the package. For the bed color, you can choose from white or black. Since you have to assemble the round bed, you don’t have to stress yourself out whether if you can or you can’t do it yourself. As a matter of fact, some of the legit reviewers of this product says that this round bed is not that hard to assemble.

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Intex Ultra Daybed Lounge

If you prefer don’t prefer a luxurious round bed yet, you want to go for the same relaxing feel it provides, you will definitely love Intex Ultra Daybed Lounge. This bed is an inflatable round daybed that you can use even under the sun.

The concept of this inflatable round bed is actually brilliant especially that you can use it to hang out with your friends beside the pool. Moreover, you can add it as a sleek item in any room. Intex Ultra Daybed Lounge is equipped with a soft flocking and a well-supported bottom that makes it perfect for both indoors and outdoors. It also has a backrest that delivers additional comfort and convenience for lounging.

In addition to that, this round bed measures, 75” X 75” X 20”. When shipped, expect it to weight about 13.6 pounds. If you love to hang out with your friends and family or camp out, this inflatable round bed is the perfect one for you. Plus, you can actually have it for only $41.07.

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Tangkula Round Bed

For an elegant and simple addition to your patio, lawn, backyard, poolside, or garden, the Tangkula Round Bed is one that is greatly considered. It is made out of Rattan, Sponge, Wicker, Polyfiber, and Steel. More so, it includes an incredibly stylish retractable canopy that provides shade during the day.

When it comes to its design, the first thing you will notice about Tangkula is its well-combined comfortable seats and ergonomics. This will definitely help your family enjoy summer in the poolside or an afternoon tea in the garden. You can use this round bed in a multi-functional way. As a matter of fact, you can either utilize it as a bed or a sofa and it is ideal for porch, poolside, garden, and patio.

Aside from that, Tangkula is easy to clean and install. Do it yourself by following its comprehensive manual and you will surely love how easy it is to assemble. Moreover, it does not actually require maintenance because it is not easy to rot, deteriorate, crack, or chip. But since dust is everywhere, you can simply wipe its surface with a wet cloth to keep it dust-free.

Furthermore, the moment that you don’t want to use it. You can easily remove it yourself even without the help of others.

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Modway Quest Circular Outdoor Round Bed

You can now create a dreamlike setting on your garden through Modway’s Quest Circular round bed. Just like Tangkula, this outdoor round bed also includes a Canopy that provides not just a modern look on it but also a protective cover against direct sunlight. It is made with Synthetic Rattan Weave and it includes a powder coated aluminum solid frame that delivers great support. It is also UV resistant and water resistant that makes it perfect for poolside, garden, backyard, and more.

Modway is the best when it comes to its outdoor collections. As a matter of fact, the Quest Circular round bed boasts an attractive seating arrangement that brings energy and comfort in any part in your home. It includes 4 inches thick and comfortable water-resistant cushions, long-lasting powder-coated aluminum frame, synthetic rattan weave and a protective canopy that are all high-grade and incredibly durable.

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These round beds are not the common type that you can only place inside of a luxurious room. While most people are not familiar with this type of bed, this list can help to give new insight on which one is perfect for a particular place and usage.