Best Modular Sectional Sofas & Couches

Modular Thinking: Everything You Need To Know About Module-Bit Sofas

modular sofa

The living room is pretty much the center of relaxation in your house— after the bedroom, of course. Here you get to binge watch your favorite shows with the whole family or hosting guests over a tea.

And since it is the very space that usually holds a lot of people once, then it is only natural to get a couch or sofa where people can sit together at once. And comfortable seating plays a big role to make it the relaxation space you’ve always imagined.

Of course, there are tons of sofas and couches out there, however, not all of them will have the right décor and look to complement your living space or might not even fit your living room.

And that, my friend, is where modular couches take the spotlight— offering you plenty of space and allows you customizations in order to properly fit your living room.

What are modular sofas?

A modular sofa is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture that you can invest in. They are different from the traditional sofas since they are made of modules or several pieces which can be joined together, instead of a single, fixed piece traditional sofas.

You get to buy exactly the pieces that you need and arrange them however you like it and can be shaped to fit particular spaces or rooms. It’s like playing LEGOs, but for furniture.

Modular couches can be designed in order to incorporate pieces which particularly suite your needs or lifestyle.

Modular VS. Sectional: Understanding the Difference

You probably experienced something like this:

Going to your local furniture shop, you see a particular product labeled as modular sofas. Checking online, you see a similar product but is labeled as a sectional sofa.

Pretty confusing, isn’t it?

So, just what are the differences between the two?

In a nutshell, they are pretty much the same thing.

The crucial aspect is that both terms refer to the unique selling point of furniture design and characteristics.

Both have pieces known as “sections” or “modules” which are put together in order to assemble the final piece of furniture. For sectionals, its basic principles allow the user to rearrange furniture layout in line with their specific style, mood, interior trends or even occasions and events. In effect, it is fair to say that modular sectional sofas can be either modern corner units or loveseats at the push of a button and merely depends on the style that you feel works best for them.

Why go modular?

More Versatility

Although you need seating for your room, you simply can’t put seats anywhere, particularly if you wish to relax by the window, watch TV or you want to have seats facing away from the door. With modular sofas, you have more flexibility in terms of configuration you want for the best functionality.

When hosting guests, modular sectionals can be separated that allows you to place modules so that people can sit opposite to each other instead of side to side. You can also add an ottoman in order to serve as a makeshift coffee table for drinks and foods.

Exact Sizing

With modular sectional sofas, you can get more exact sizing for your living space. If you are trying to re-arrange your furniture in a room with limited space, usually there are things you will need to overcome such as doors, windows, and corners.

However, with sectional sofas, you can address such issues by placing a module that fits exactly to such tight space that regular couches will not go. This gives you the chance to maximize the use of space while also adding seat which will not be hard to maneuver every time you enter the room.

Greater Comfort

Modular sectionals are not just for sitting. If you want to lie down or just need an extra place for a guest sleeping over, a sectional couch that can transform into a bed is the perfect solution for you!

Easy Moving

When it is time to move, the very first problem that homeowners usually encounters is trying to move large pieces of furniture. As a matter of fact, this usually leads to people tossing out their sofas and starting over with a brand new one for their brand new home.

Rather than wasting some hard-earned money, invest in modular sofas which can be easily moved to a new home. Modular sectional sofas are super easy to disassemble and transported to a new location. Also, individual pieces are so much easier to protect when moving as compared to larger sofas which may get snagged or dings as movers try to fit them through doorways.

Greater Customization

With sectionals, you will have more creative choices to customize the look of your living space. AS a matter of fact, you can even use different colors in order to make a statement piece.

With the addition of choices for chaise modules or left / right arms modules, you will have furniture that is perfectly tailored to your own style.

Replacement Cost

Accidents and defects can happen. And if your couch happens to take a beating, sectional sofas make it possible to only replace the parts or modules which have been damaged, reducing the repair or replacement cost.

Modular Sectional Sofa Configurations and Shapes

There is 3 main types of shapes with modular sofas and couches. However, the more module pieces you have, the more configurations you can create.

l-shaped, wrap around couch or chaise sofa

This shape is perfect for people who have a smaller living room and want to optimize their seating options without cluttering the room or even breaking the space that they only have.

Like its name states, L-shaped modular looks like 2 sofas combined together in an L shape and form a 90-degree angle. In general, it has 2 cushions on one side and 3 cushions on the other, however, there are other options available. Read our article about sofa with chaise.

This configuration works really well floating in the middle of an open space or against a corner.

Curved or round sofa

Curved configuration is a great way to maximize sitting space in your living room without someone being too uncomfortable in the corner seat. IT promotes great conversation and is a great choice for people who love entertaining guests.

This style does not allow you to place it against a wall, so it is best for large living rooms or open concept living areas.


The U-shaped style is perfect for a large family since there is plenty of seating and offers lots of room to spread out. This style is ideal for large spaces or if you do not want to bother with other seating and armchairs. Also, the U shape allows people to sit facing each other at the arms of the top of the U-shape.

Who needs it?

Since they have more seats than traditional sofas, they make a perfect choice for large families or those with large living spaces. And if you frequently host parties or guests just love coming to your home, modular sofas will ensure that you have enough seating space for everyone.

Buying Guide: Factors to Consider To Get The Best Modular Couches in the Market

Before rushing to your local furniture shops, there are certain things you need to keep in mind so you only get the right sofas for your home. Here are X factors you will need to consider.

  • Measure Your Space

Knowing how much space you need will play a crucial role when buying any piece of furniture, particularly modular. Ensure that the sofa you are eyeing will not extend past the wall or do not leave enough room from behind or in front.

Modular works greatly in large spaces, but they can also do well in smaller rooms. But, you will need to carefully consider the configuration style you need, so that it won’t make your already small space look even smaller.

  • Look at Sofa Dimensions

In a showroom and most especially online, sizes can be deceiving. So, make sure that you check the dimensions and bring in a measuring tape if you must.

Measure not only the length of the sofa but also the depth. Modular tend to provide enough seat depth, so make sure to measure and compare with your current seating in order to see if it is enough or too much.

Modular sofas sometimes offer a chaise component on either need. So, you also need to measure the length of the piece.

  • Think About Room Traffic

Another crucial factor is how the room is used. A chaise or any other module on the wrong side of the room will be a big nuisance to walk around. So, ensure that you choose a couch with the least amount of foot traffic on the sides.

  • Consider Sofa Materials

Modular sofas come in a wide variety of fabrics you can choose from including polyester, cotton, microfiber, and leather. If you have kids and pets, then you might want to go with fabrics that are machine washable and highly resistant to stain. If you have cats, then don’t pick leather since it can be easily clawed to shreds.

The Top 5 Best Modular Sofas & Couches 2019

Solaura Outdoor Modular Sofa Set

Offering a sophisticated and modern design, this modular sofa set is hand woven in warm gray color with a classic stripe throw pillow that fits various living space settings and style. Perfect for the great outdoors, this sofa set functional and comfortable as it is durable with sponge padded seat and back cushions.

Thanks to its versatile design, you can rearrange it to your heart’s content. The set also includes a coffee table with shelves as well as an ottoman. With a waterproof cover, your table and seating will stay dry and clean even when outside.

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GDF Studio Modular Sectional Sofa Set + Ottoman

A high-class seating set that includes 6-piece modules, this sofa set will meet all your indoor need. It includes 2 armed chairs, 2 armless chairs, a corner section and a matching ottoman for a perfect L-style modular sofa.

It has high-quality fabric that is durable yet comfortable to the touch. Plus, the plush cushion and classic wooden feet add to comfort and sturdiness. You also get to choose from 3 different hues— dark blue, deep red and light grey.

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DAZONE Modular Sectional Sofa Set

DAZONE offers multiple modern arrangement options with their modular sectional sofa. This 7-piece set can fit all kind of space styles that is super easy to assemble.

High-quality linen blend fabric with sturdy wood frame, this is definitely a sturdy and durable sectional sofa. Easy to clean, it also has removable back cushions which can be machine-washed.

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Patiorama Outdoor Modular Sofa Set

Another modern-style sofa set, this one can be great on living rooms but they are the best at outdoor spaces. It has enough seat for 4 people with a glass table to hold drinks and food. Constructed from steel frames for durability and comes with underside seat clips in order to keep them from moving while you have a conversation with your family or guests.

Super easy to clean it has removable seat cushions that are machine washable. The included glass table adds more convenience for cleaning as well as providing a nice center touch.

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Milltown Mid-Century Tufted Modular Sofa Set

Offering a modern Danish look, this modular sofa set from Milltown greatly enhances the decorative appeal of your home. Consisting of 5 separate pieces that can be joined together, this sectional sofa is super easy to re-arrange and move around.

Featuring birch wood legs, you get a strong and sturdy soda for everyday use as well as adding a stylish twist the furniture. The fabric used in this sofa is super smooth and soft for your utmost comfort but still easy to clean and durable. Milltown also offers 3 color choices: light gray, dark gray or navy blue.

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