Iron Beds

Make your bed the centerpiece of your bedroom by opting for an iron bed frame. Their ‘antiqued’ yet minimalist look will surely make any bedroom feel more stylish and put together. What more, most iron bed designs are very easy to incorporate to existing bedroom style schemes making them a versatile addition to your room.
Iron beds also come in a variety of sizes which can accommodate standard American bed dimensions and user’s needs. They come as small as twin size iron bed frames (39” wide x 75” long) which are perfect as first beds for growing children or as guest room beds. And as big as California King size iron bed frames (72” wide x 84” long) which are great for couples or taller people to sleep in.

They also come in a variety of designs and styles:

Platform Iron Beds: Characterized by a simple design composed primarily of sleek lines, this bed frame type usually is closer to the ground. They’re great for creating the illusion of a bigger space in a rather small bedroom.
Four Poster Iron Beds: Another classic bed design, four poster beds can even be traced back to the Middle Ages. Their defining trait are the four posters located at each bed corner which helps create some virtual interest in the room.
Canopy Iron Beds: Canopy beds are basically just four poster beds with the added design of an upper iron frame and an overhead covering made of fabric. These elements add a nice touch of elegance and calmness to any room.
Iron Sleigh Beds: If you want to add a romantic touch to your bedroom, iron sleigh beds are a great way to do so. With their curving, elegant lines and low to the ground frame, they would surely take your room from looking drab to a classic, understated look.

Iron Beds For Sale – Wrought & Cast Iron

People often emphasize the importance of getting a good mattress when talking about what makes a good bed. However, finding a good bed frame is also just as important. Iron bed frames have been a popular choice since the 1700s and it’s not hard to see why. Iron beds are known for their durability - a good iron bed can easily last you a lifetime. What more, this type of bed frame is also easier to assemble than wooden bed ...
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