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What are Hideaway Beds and Why Should you Get One?

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Your Ultimate Buying Guide to Get the Best Hide a Bed

Not everyone can afford to have a guest bedroom on their houses especially with the exorbitant price of real estate in most cities. An extra guest bedroom that is reserved only for guests is now considered as a luxury. You don’t have to give up your precious bedroom to accommodate your guests because there is a solution for that in the form of hideaway beds.

When you think of hideaway beds, you might be imagining rickety frames and the pull-down options found in seedy hotels. Those are the hidden beds in the past. What we have now are beds that are more stylish and functional. When you live in a small space, a hide a bed can make a big difference. It can help a room perform a dual role like a home office that doubles as a guest room when placed with a carefully selected hideaway bed.

They can be an excellent option for the children’s room too. When you have kids sharing a room, you can convert a desk into a second bed with few simple steps. Even if you have a single child, you can have a hidden bed tuck away in case he has friends for sleepovers. Today, hideaway beds are transformed from a practical furnishing into a chic style statement.

Let us take a more in-depth look into the benefits of having a hideaway bed, the designs and styles, and the different types.

Benefits from a Having a Hide a Bed

Since these beds are designed to vanish once the user no longer needs it, here are the remarkable benefits of getting a hideaway bed.

It saves space in small apartments

Because the living spaces are getting smaller in many popular cities around the world, people are living in small apartments to save some money. With a small apartment, it merely means small bedrooms. They need to be creative to maximize their spaces, and hideaway beds are the perfect solution to the space problem. This type of beds can cover minimal area but offers a large sleeping space when it is fully laid down. After its use, you can bring it back to the wall or its hiding place, and you have the area again.

It can be as comfortable as a conventional bed

If you think that hidden beds are not as comfortable as your standard beds, you need to check out the new designs of these beds that are available in the market. Many modern hide a beds have a very comfortable and high-quality mattress akin to what you get from conventional beds. They are built with modern mechanisms too that easily closes and opens the bed on demand. Hideaway beds are also even more affordable as compared to conventional beds, even more, that you should choose them.

Provides extra storage

If you have a little space in your house, storage can be a problem, and you need as much storage space as you can get. A perfect solution is a wall bed that comes with elegant cabinetry that can be customized according to your needs and interior décor. This way you can have the benefit of additional storage space that is discreet, and you may even add a bookcase. With extra storage, you can put away all the clutter in your home.

They are available in different sizes

It doesn’t matter if you have a large bedroom or a small space, you can buy a hideaway bed for whatever you space permits. Many furniture companies offer hidden beds in different sizes. They also come with many great features that will make them useful in many ways especially in small-size apartments and condos.

Available Designs for Hideaway Beds

The innovative hideaway bed came in different styles and called by many names. No matter what you want to call it, a pull-down or a wall bed, it is one of the best ways to save up on precious space. Because multitasking is the buzz word of the millennials, so does their furniture.

Their modern home and apartments have small rooms that open double up as a functional room. The solution is a hide a bed. This bed is an ergonomic bed that makes sure their home’s interior can have many uses with ease and unique style. Today’s ever-evolving technology allows the modern hidden beds to sizzle in style without discounting its primary purpose – to answer the need for space.

Unfolding the magic of hidden space saving beds

You can go on many directions when exploring a perfect space saving bed that will fit your unique floor plan and needs. Most of the type of hideaway beds like the Murphy bed designs use a vertical orientation. This vertical design is cool and perfect for narrow rooms. Other options will be with stylish sliding doors, much like what you put on your cabinets instead of the conventional fold-out form.

Some custom designed hide a bed brings together some iconic imagery with imaginative ergonomics. Meaning, it elevates the design by using a contemporary art wall that slides away to reveal a bed and useful shelves. Added with a perfectly made sliding partition tie it all up for a complete transformation when not in use.

Another design that elevates the hideaway bed is a contemporary and colorful take. In this design of the space saving bed, a perforated sliding wall can move over to reveal a comfy bed. During daytime, you find a stylish workspace that is both beautiful and functional.

For the kids’ bedroom, the best option is a hideaway bed. This is because of the playfulness that this bed offers can perfectly work with the theme of the room. Because kids cannot have a queen size bed, theirs is a single horizontal bed that tucks perfectly into the wall when not in uses. An additional shelf on the space can be a bonus.

Bedrooms with small spaces can still have an uncomplicated elegance with a murphy bed, recessed lighting and wall art. Although the area is limited, a conundrum that many of us faced, a hidden bed provides the best solution.

From creating an overnight guest room to providing additional sleeping quarters, hideaway beds can work well. Most of the modern units available have a variety of accessories and features. Some can have an elegant home office combined with the bed, while others have bookshelves that decorate the wall behind the bed. Some audacious designs even incorporate TV sets. You can also have them custom designed and made with your design team. The best thing about hideaway beds is the guests will never know that there is a bed waiting for them until you prop them up.

The Types of Hideaway Beds

When it comes to selecting the best space saving bed, there are plenty of options that you can choose from. However, we will be discussing four of the widely chosen hideaway beds by buyers.

The Murphy bed

A Murphy bed is also called as a wall bed and named after William Murphy who is the bed inventor. Generally, they are designed to fold away onto the wall when not in use. When a house has limited space, a Murphy bed is a perfect solution because it is functional, stylish and safe. Although they are made for homes with small living spaces, it can perfectly fit large houses too because they are very stylish.

Things to Consider When Buying a Murphy bed

  • Lift mechanisms. There are two types of lifts available for Murphy beds – the piston lift and the spring lift mechanisms. This is the mechanism used to open and close the bed without any noise. The piston lift is quiet while the spring lift can be a little noisy and requires maintenance and tightening to make sure that perform smoothly.
  • Freestanding. This is a type of Murphy bed requires no fastening to the walls or floors and can easily transform from a desk to a comfortable bed quickly.
  • Design. Most Murphy beds can come either vertically or horizontally depending on which side you choose the bed to fir. The horizontal option is best for rooms with low ceiling while the vertical bed is suitable for high ceiling and bigger floor space to accommodate the bed when you fully opened it.

Trundle Bed

A trundle bed features a couple of beds in one frame. It is often made by using twin beds and sometimes a full frame. The bed is placed underneath another structure so that it can save space. The top is usually of standard height, and a small bed is put on casters for it to fit underneath the top bed. Typically, a thinner mattress is used on the lower bed so that it can fit perfectly on the bottom.

How to Select a Trundle Bed

  • Frames. The frame can either be wood, metal and even engineered wood. The type of material you will choose can affect the cost, durability and the appearance of the bed. Wood is the most commonly used material, and some can even have a matching headboard and a bookcase to match the rest of the décor. Metals are also widely used on bed frames, and some manufacturers can have the option of wood and metal combined.
  • The Mattress. Your bed’s comfort depends on the type of mattress you used. The standard variety comes with an innerspring and has layers of steel coils that are wrapped with upholstery or fabric.

Rollaway Beds

The rollaway beds are designed to offer plenty of sleeping space in a compact living area like in an apartment. Although you have the standard bed in your bedroom, you can have a rollaway bed that you can pull out to provide guests with a comfortable sleeping space when needed. This type of bed can fold away easily when not in use, and you can store them quickly too.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Rollaway Bed

  • Durability and construction. Although rollaway beds are cheap, they should not be poorly made. The bed should be durable especially if you are going to use it regularly. Rollaway beds are constructed with wood or metal. Wood is more expensive but has more excellent durability.
  • Size. The most common size of a rollaway bed is a twin. This size is capable of accommodating one person comfortably. However, you may also get a full queen or king size, but they tend to be heavier and harder to store.
  • Mattress. Just like in any other bed, the mattress is, but it all comes down to personal preference. Rollaway beds can be paired with memory foam, polyurethane or an innerspring. Whatever mattress you choose, it should be foldable.

Pull out Sofa

A pull-out sofa is also called a sofa bed. It is a piece of great furniture for small apartments and homes that have limited sleeping space. You can have it built from different materials in different sizes and different styles.

Different types of sofa beds

  • Traditional pull-outs. This is the conventional model of sofa beds that come in full or queen size. The design is simple, it is primarily for sitting, and therefore the cushions are comfortable. And the mattress is comfortable to sleep in too. Some poorly made sofa beds have poor mattresses that do not offer enough cushioning. You must sure you get the one with a good mattress.
  • Futons. Yes, they are the sofa beds you used while in college. They are lightweight, easy to carry and folds out easily. However, they are not the most comfortable because the mattress can be thin, hardens and will compress from frequent use.
  • Daybeds. They look more of a bed than a sofa and if you are using the sofa bed more for sleeping, tend you should get a day bed that is perfect for you. They can come in the standard size full bed or twin.

In choosing the right hideaway bed, you need to pick one that suits your available space correctly and according to the design of your house. With hideaway beds, you can save space, have a comfortable bed and maintain your ample sleeping area in your home.

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