Best Fold Out Couch Bed. Buying a Perfect Hide A Bed Couch

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Fold Out Couches Buyers Guide

Properties with limited space require excellent furniture selection. Placing normal furniture in small size houses is not an ideal solution because you may not get ample space for other important things. Modern furniture designers know that many people want space saving options when they are looking for new furniture. Therefore, they design products like fold out couch to offer an ideal solution if someone has limited space.

A folding couch or bed couch can turn into a bed. It means, it can work as both bed and couch according to your needs. So, when you are not in the mood of taking some rest, you can turn it into a couch and use it like ideal living room furniture.

Who needs a fold out couch?

Everybody, who has compact space in the apartment, needs innovative furniture like hide a bed couch. It looks like a simple sofa, but it features a wood or metal frame along with mattress hidden below the cushions of the sofa. You need to pull that bed frame out to turn this sofa into a bed. You will find it pretty amazing that a small space occupying couch can quickly turn into a bed.

This particular furniture allows you to increase the sleeping space in your property. So, whenever there are guests at your home, you can use this foldable couch to increase sleeping space. Your guests will enjoy a comforting sleep over it and admire your choice of furniture. People know it by several names such as bed couch, fold out couch, sofa bed, hide-a-bed couch, etc. The good thing is that many furniture brands are featuring this kind of couches. You can consider several different options in order to choose an ideal couch bed for your living room.

Noticeable benefits of hide a bed couch:

  • It saves space:

A fold out couch is designed to fulfil two purposes, providing comfortable sitting space and work as an ideal bed when you want to take rest. If compared with other types of couches or beds, a sofa bed is multipurpose furniture. You can buy a large size sofa to use it for sleeping, but it will never feel as comfortable as a pull out couch bed. In addition, placing a bed in the living room area will never be an ideal solution. It will require a large space and you may not be able to place other decorative elements.

A sofa bed is an ideal space-saving solution. You can unfold it whenever you want to sleep and fold it whenever you want to create some free space in the living room. It is a highly practical choice. So, if you can afford to buy only a bed or a couch, you should decide to get both in the form of a pull out couch. This will be the best furniture to place in an apartment with very limited space for furniture.

  • More comfortable than a futon and inflatable mattress:

Homeowners with limited space for placing beds always seek space saving solutions. They often consider buying inflatable beds or futon. Both of them are highly promoted products, considered an ideal sleeping solution for small space bedrooms and flats. Although inflatable beds or futons cover less space, these two cannot match the comfort levels of fold out couch.

A foldable couch is a more comfortable choice if you do not want your guests to feel a burden. People usually do not sleep on inflatable beds or futon. It can be a very irritating experience for some people. A sofa bed looks and feels exactly like a normal bed. So, when you unfold it and turn it into a bed, it will offer the best support for a night of healthy sleep.

  • Impressive styles:

Although comfort is what you want, it does not mean that you should compromise with the style and looks of your furniture. You may not get sufficient options in the style of the futon or inflatable mattress, but some very stylish designs of sofa beds are available in the market. There are many different styles such as rustic, contemporary, traditional, etc.

Furniture manufacturers are using various kinds of material to make it look different and impressive. A hide a bed couch covered in fabric seems a perfect choice for rustic interior and a leather sofa bed is an ideal option for the modern-style interior. All the rules of buying normal couches apply to sofa beds. You can take some time to assess which style’s sofa will suit the best to your property’s interior and then buy it.

There are literally such great options in designs of fold out beds. You can certainly not get such impressive choices in the inflatable mattress because it is designed only to provide functional benefits and not aesthetical benefits.

  • Easy to set up:

Pull out couches can quickly turn into a bed so that you can spread the mattress and sleep over it. This unique furniture does not require special understanding of furniture or any carpentry tools to set up the bed. You should first remove the couch cushions and then pull the bed frame out. It will come out with the mattress and your bed is ready. To be more specific, you can turn this sofa into a bed within a few seconds. So, your guests will not wait too long before they go to the bed and that’s what makes fold out couch an admirable piece of furniture.

It is okay if there is no guest room in your apartment. You can turn your living room into a guest room and let your guests enjoy their time on the hide a bed couch. It feels comforting and your guests will never complain about sleeping over a couch.

  • Additional storage:

Some modern style’s sofa beds also offer additional storage space. You can use that storage area to store bed sheets, cushions, and other belongings. It means you can put the cushions and mattress in the storage when not using this couch as a bed. It allows you to keep your living room clean and uncluttered.

All in all, a foldable couch make things more convenient in an apartment or flat with limited space. You should get it, even if you have enough free space in your house to accommodate many guests. It will be a stylish addition to your living room furniture.

Things to consider when buying a foldable couch bed:

We all expect to buy a house with a large living room and multiple bedrooms. That’s how an ideal world seems like but things never go as you plan. So, you need to switch your plans and compromise with the things you achieve. That compromise does not need to be irritating, especially if you have limited space and a great choice as a fold out couch.

You already know why to buy a pull out couch. Now is the time to know what to consider when buying it. Focus on a few important factors to buy perfect furniture for creating additional sleeping space in your apartment.

  • Size:

Do not make a commitment to the retailer until you measure the size of the sofa bed. Many buyers make this mistake and later regret buying a large or smaller size sofa cum bed for their home. You should measure the width and length of the sofa to ensure it will fit perfectly in the room. There should be enough room for unfolding and setting up a bed. If it occupies a much larger space than free space available in your living room, it is not a great choice. You should consider both closed and opened measurements before buying a foldable couch. This consideration will lead you towards a perfect size bed for your house.

  • Frame:

A sofa with a robust frame can offer a long-lasting service. If you want style and durability, you should choose a fold out couch featuring hardwood frame. It is probably the most durable wood frame used to prepare beds and couches across the globe. Sofa beds featuring metal frames are also ideal. There will be some difference in the costs of hardwood frame couches and metal frame couches.

You can go with either of them, but do not choose a hide a bed couch made from softer woods like pine. It will not be an ideal choice if you want to maintain your sofa cum bed for many years.

  • Fold and unfold mechanism:

As revealed before, the bed frame comes out of the couch structure when you want to turn your sofa into a bed. It should feature a simple open-and-close mechanism. The operation should complete in a smooth motion without making weird noises. The frame should not get stuck when you are pulling the bed out. The furniture experts suggest that folding couches with lock-down bar is great choices.

This type of sofa beds offers a smooth opening and closing of the frame. If the folding and unfolding mechanism does not work well, it might get jammed in the future and you may need to call someone to repair and fix it.

  • Mattress quality:

Mattress and cushion manufacturing companies are spending a lot of money on research to find quality mattresses. They want to provide their clients with optimum comfort regardless of what sleeping position the user prefers. The mattress quality matters if you want to sleep tight throughout the night. It should not cause an ache in your shoulders, neck and lower back.

Many people presume that thicker mattresses offer better comfort, which is nothing but a misconception. The pull out couch you choose should come with a mattress that provides great support for your neck, hips, shoulders, and lower back. It should be built to provide full body support and keep your body in an ideal shape throughout the night. Whether you are buying that couch cum bed for your uses or for the guests, make sure it is equipped with a comfortable and feature-rich mattress.

  • Prefer a folding couch with smooth edges:

High-quality bed sheets and blankets can cost a considerable amount of money. Their beautiful designs and comforting fabric allows you to enjoy 8-10 hours’ sleep without any problem. You would never like to buy a new bed sheet or blanket time-and-again because it is getting ripped by sharp edges of your bed.

It can happen if the edges of your hide a bed couch are not smooth. Many people consider only the design and size of the bed and forget about such minor details. These minor details can cost a lot and therefore you should consider it carefully. Whether you are buying offline or online, ask the retailer if there are sharp edges. A sofa bed with perfectly trimmed and smoothened edges will keep your blanket and bed sheets safe and there will be no chance of injuries.

  • Try it:

The trend of buying products online is growing much faster than people had imagined in the past. Online shopping has become safer and more convenient with time and therefore people also buy furniture online. Now you might be wondering how I can try the sofa bed online. You may not physically touch the frame and mattress, but you can check the reviews. Shortlist a few popular models of pull out couch in your budget and then check their reviews. It will provide you with the most reliable details on the sofa you are planning to buy.

Final thoughts:

A foldable couch is basically a couch that turns into the bed. It is an ideal example of how quality designs can offer more sophisticated solutions for narrow space apartments. Whether you want a new bed or a new sofa, you should prefer a folding couch in both conditions. You can use it according to your convenience and enjoy all the explained benefits that come with sofa beds. Pay attention to the listed factors before you place the order and you will get a durable, stylish, and comfortable couch bed for your house.