Best Fold Up Beds Buyers Guide 2019


To choose a bed is an important decision because there is a massive amount of time we spend on our beds. While there are many different varieties in the beds we should choose the one which is apt for us and will be right for our needs. Undoubtedly the bed which is a little on the higher side in terms of cost will offer better comfort. Many such beds are in high demand. Due to the various uses offered by the fold up beds, they have joined the list too.

Foldable Beds

What is a fold up bed frame?

A fold up bed which is initially and commonly called as Murphy bed is the type of bed where one end of the bed will be attached to the wall. This has led the bed get the name wall bed and folding bed. Here one side of the bed will be hinged so that it can be kept against the wall in a vertical manner. It can also be kept in a cabinet or even a closet. This bed is a lifesaver for all those who are looking for more options to sleep but do not have much space for that.

The fold up beds are a popular choice in the hostels as they will have a limited amount of space. When you have a folding bed in your house, then there is no need for any kind of worry about space or sleeping arrangement when a few guests decide to spend the night. Since it is not like the regular kind of bed and has the provision to be folded many wonders if these beds are comfortable. But they are so comfortable that your guests will have a good night’s sleep and will wake up in the morning happily. It does give the feeling as if people have slept in the usual comfy beds.

The fold up beds which are good in quality will come for a long time. Since there are many different varieties in it, there are plenty of options to choose from.

So why should you choose a fold up bed?

The biggest benefit of having the folding beds is that while they act like the regular beds, they help in saving up space. Since they can be folded and ported easily, it can be chosen for the bedrooms which have a limited amount of space. In case there are extra members visiting the house, then this bed will provide that extra room for the family. While it will not take up space it will also provide an alternate sleeping arrangement for the additional guests. In the commercial sense, these beds can be chosen in hotels and hostels where people might ask for an extra bed in case an additional member turns up.

Or the foldable beds can be chosen for the hotels and hostels where the guests will like a spacious room to move around and will need a comfortable sleep at the end of the day. The fold up bed frames will save up space in the living room or in the bedroom, allowing people to move around more freely. In case there is an extra bed needed during some events or functions then buying a regular bed will cost a lot of money. But having a fold up bed frame around will save the event as they are priced relatively low.

Apart from the cost and space factor, one thing to happy about is that the folding beds will give the same type of comfort just like the normal beds do. One can choose the right kind of mattress and snuggle into the bed and have a comfortable sleep. There are different kinds of fold up beds where the comfort increases when the quality of the fold up bed is on the higher side. When these beds are not used they can be folded away easily and used later only when it is needed. The packing job is pretty easy here.

By having a fold up bed, the room will act like a spare room where the entire space can be utilized for other purposes. This is a great option for people looking to save some cost in terms of decorating their guest room. The fold up bed frame will come in handy for people who tend to move around a lot as it is easily portable. In fact, these beds can add up to the home decor as the beds can be painted or decorated according to the color of the room. The decor of the room can be altered by the way the bed is decorated when it is open or closed.

Different Varieties in Foldable Bed Frame

Wall Folding Beds

The most common and popular category is the wall bed. This is the unique type of foldable bed as the bed will get completely hidden when placed closed to the wall. While the bed does not get merged with the gall it sort of goes into a cabinet or a door. Then there are the desk beds where the writing surface will be the underside of the bed the moment it folds out. So all this will give the impression that the bed is actually a door or cabinet when folded during the day and in the night when it is turned out it becomes a bed.

Folding Sofa Beds

The next type of fold up bed is in the form of a sofa. These beds also come in the seat varieties which often come in the same size as that of the standard beds. These types of folding beds can be used as a type of sitting furniture or a sofa during the day time. Then later it can be turned into a bed as usual at night. Since they usually come with wheels attached the movement and storage of this furniture become easy. The bed can be tucked into the couch when not used as the setting is made so.


One other type of folding bed is the futon. These beds are the most popular among college students. This is because it can be used as a seat and a bed. The futon is the type of foldable bed where the sleeping surface will be the same as the sitting area. There are various types of futons depending on the layer and the filling in it. In the case of a futon, the filling has to be chosen carefully as the filling will create a major impact when it comes to the comfort level in the bed. By going with the high-quality futon one can ensure that the futon will remain steady and firm otherwise over a period of time the fillings will lose shape and will not be comfortable.

Roll Away Beds

When it comes to the normal type of folding bed there is the standalone roll away folding bed which has a metal frame which will close up in the standing position. There are various models here where the mattress will close up and fold and in some cases, it might be left open. This is one of the straightforward models of the foldable bed types and it is pretty simple and easy to use. But the standalone cot will need a separate storage space here.

Camping Folding Beds

Then there is the travel folding bed which is suited for traveling and camping purposes. When people are on road trips or camping out and need a light bed to carry around then this type of fold up bed will come in handy. This type of folding bed will have a thin mattress and in most cases, it will be air-filled. The main purpose here is to keep the bed sleek and portable. So in terms of comfort, it might not be the best choice. Since travel folding beds will be made for portability purpose the dimensions will not be similar to the normal beds. Hence the width and dimension have to be checked before buying it.

Who will need foldable beds?

People who often have guests coming around should have a folding bed in their storage. This will save the day when there are sudden parties happening and when people decide to stay over without prior intimation. This can be a perfect choice for families who tend to have sleepovers for kids. While kids can use the usual sleepover bags, having folding beds will be much more comfortable and the kids will leave the house wanting for more. These beds can be used overnight during the guest’s stay or during the sleepovers and then it can be turned around once they leave. This will eliminate the need for a guest room altogether. If you are someone who tends to have guests every now and then or have the habit of getting unannounced guests then this bed is a must-have.

In case your house has limited space and you have too many people coming around then the folding beds is a good way to go. Even if it is for the family members, having a foldable bed will save up a lot of space, especially in houses which are already cramped and needs space. By folding these beds in the day time there will be enough space to do the daily tasks. In case you are looking for something which can be used either way as sitting furniture and as a bed, then the folding bed is a good choice for this. By going with the multi-use furniture, you will not only save space, but will also save up a lot of money. This way all the extra money spent on sofas and chairs can be eliminated.

In case your family or yourself tend to go camping and on road trips then make this purchase as it will be there for a long time. Other than sleeping in normal tents with just sheets underneath, these beds can be used to have a comfortable sleep outdoors for a night. Since they are easily portable these folding beds will not be an issue to carry around. It will be a better choice any day to sleep in, other than sleeping on the ground and getting sprains and ache all around the body.

Having a folding bed is a must for anyone as there might be situations where someone might have to stay over or you will have to take a sudden trip. The foldable bed will be a back up at those times as you will not have to fear when the need arises. These beds come cheap and hence having these beds as a just in case option is a good decision. While there are several brands that offer various kinds of sleeping beds, depending on the filling and the material, it all depends on you as to which model to go for. There are all kinds of sleeping bag that one can find in the budget.

What to look for when buying a folding bed?

Folding beds are mostly designed either to solve the storage issue or to make a temporary sleeping arrangement which is also comfortable. While buying the folding bed the first thing to think about is the person who is going to use the bed and the purpose of it. If it is going to be used at home regularly then a comfortable bed with good quality fillings should be chosen. In case these beds will be used during the sleepover tome for kids the accordingly the fold up bed frames can be chosen a little lesser in terms of size. In this case, the sturdiness of the bed should be more as kids tend to run around.

If the foldable beds are used for traveling purpose, then the sleek bed should be chosen. Also, the height and weight capacity of the bed should be noticed before purchasing as the person who is going to use the bed should fit it. In case if folding beds at home the metallic frame of the bed should be tested before purchase. This is because the durability and the comfort of the bed will rely on this metallic frame. For regular use, go for a model on the higher end which will be more durable and comfortable.