Pop-Up Trundle Bed Frames

photo: Leggett & Platt Pop-Up Trundle for Daybeds with Dual Gravity Locks

When researching trundle beds, you are likely to see the phrase ‘pop-up’ trundle but what exactly does this mean? As you may know, traditional trundle beds will hold a bed underneath a bed. Whenever required, the bed underneath can slide out using rollers and be used for guests. However, a pop-up bed is different and actually goes one step further.

With pop-up trundles, they can be found as full-size, twin, or even a set of bunks. Just like the trundles we have discussed, the process begins by pulling the lower bed out on rollers until it is completely free from the upper bed. Now though, rather than staying lower to the ground than the main bed, the second bed can ‘pop-up’ and be lifted level to the primary to double the size of the bed.

As a main example, a twin pop-up is perhaps the most popular choice on the market and it starts as a normal trundle bed. When duty calls, the lower bed can slide out and then pop-up so it is level with the main frame. With two twin mattresses, it can either serve as two resting spots without having to have one significantly higher than the other or it can join together as a king-size bed. For those that only have a small space in a room, this can be a superb addition. Whether it will be used for guests or even just to increase the size of the bed every night before putting it away each morning, the choices are endless.

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Design of Popup Trundle Bed Frames

For the design to work efficiently, the frame will normally be made of steel and it will boast a system of crossing thick wires attached to springs to then provide energy absorbency. With this system in place, the life of the mattress should be extended. In order to keep the pulling and pushing easy, four carpet rollers will normally be attached to the bottom of the frame.

For the raising and lowering of the ‘pop-up’ feature, heavy duty springs ensure that it remains steady and undamaged through the months and years. Of course, the pop-up trundle bed can also be used as a normal trundle bed in that it doesn’t have to be raised. With this design and model in tow, owners can cater to their guests and adjust depending on the need of the user.

Roll-Out Trundle Frame

– Essentially, this is exactly the same but there will be no way to raise the second bed after rolling it out from underneath the primary bed. For children who like to have their friends sleepover, this can be a great way to keep them comfortable without having to buy a second bed or have them sleep on the sofa for the night.

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